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When an article featuring Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was shared on Facebook on Saturday, people from other nations hit the comment section with their opinion on the president, a majority of which, were positive.

The article was about Duterte's declaration that he is willing to shoot criminals should the police fail, shared by the Facebook page, RT News.

The President gave the warning to criminals, especially the men who rape women and children.

Under the comment section, several foreigners expressed their opinion on Duterte.

"This guy along with (Russian President) Putin are the best leaders on earth.unlike western leaders who have no spine and just let law abiding tax payers lives a misery this guy gets things done for his countrymen"  said Kevin Wayne, a citizen of England.

Guy Villeneuve, a Canadian national said, " In Canada our crime minister Trudeau defend these rapers (rapists) . I pray everyday for Russia to invade our country and topple our traitor government."

 Eddie Cooke from America, called Duterte a "true nationalist leader who cares about his people"

Duterte won in the Presidential elections in 2016, and for that year, Philippine crime rate fell by 13 percent.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has noted a decrease in the crime rate since President Duterte took office in From July 1 last year until March 24 of this year.

The total number of focused crimes—murder, homicide, robbery, theft, carnapping, physical injuries—decreased to 78,941.

Nasir Khan, in the comments said, "Now some pathetic highly educated donkey's will blame president Duterte as anti Human Rights? Anti social elements on the other hand are looking to migrate to Thailand, america and europe, good going president Duterte. Keep up the good work and the fighting spirit. Long live!"

Mohammad Anis from Dubai said that Duterte is "a real leader like Putin".

He said he admired how Duterte has guts to give shut up calls to criminal western leaders, who are busy in heinous crimes against humanity around the world "under umbrella of bloody UN".

Duterte was deemed "The best president ever, in the whole world" by Gerard Ardon, from Texas.

An Australian took the time to compare Duterte to their leaders.

Simon Sanko said, "I like the Philippians president he has more guts and spine compare to Australia political leaders both state and federal governments no political correctness coming from his mouth tell as it is holds no punches calling a spade a spade and doesn’t mess with his words, as Australia politics weak and spineless to say the least!!"

Duterte made it to international headlines starting from his uttering of unconventional bordering defamatory words to former United States President Barack Obama, the United Nations, and the European Union where he reminded the international leaders that the Philippines was no longer a Western colony.

Source: RT News

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