Thomson Reuters Foundation logo and people in Metro Manila, photo compiled from Google
On October 10, Metro Manila was declared one of the safer megacities for women, according to a survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The City ranked sixth among 19 megacities around the globe.

The key areas of the study were sexual violence, access to healthcare, cultural practices, and economic opportunities.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation  asked experts in women’s issues in 19 megacities, each home to more than 10 million people – how well women are protected from sexual violence and harmful cultural practices and whether they have good access to healthcare, finance and education.

Manila was deemed a megacity by the survey, though a megacity is defined as  that having a population of 10 million or more, making it clear that the study meant Metro Manila, not just the City of Manila.

The survey found that London is the safest city for women to walk the streets, followed by Tokyo, then Paris.
London, Tokyo, Paris and Cairo, photo compiled from Google

Cairo was deemed the most dangerous.

This was the first international experts poll looking at which of the rising number of megacities are best for women.

 source: PTV

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