President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from The Duran site
The US government’s Agency for International Development has a member who took part in organizing a protest by the European Union which called for the return of old lax drug laws in the Philippines.

According to politician and columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, Thomas O. Melia, assistant administrator for Europe and Asia of the  USAid.

“What is worrying though—over which our government should file a diplomatic protest—is that one of the seven supposedly “European” parliamentarians protesting the alleged killings by the Duterte administration, is actually an American government official. Is it now US official policy to destabilize this government through allegations of human rights violations?" he said.

He said that Filipinos would have lost all sense of nationalism if they do not feel anger at these actions by other nations.

Tiglao added that these countries are pulling off a brazen interference at the Philippines' domestic affairs.

President Rodrigo Duterte himself condoned the protest on Thursday, uttering strong words to the EU.

“You think that we are a bunch of morons here. Because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours. All. All of you," he said.

“We are past colonisation stage. We will be excluded in the UN? You son of a bitch. Go ahead. You are interfering in our affairs because we are poor. You give money and then you start to orchestrate what things should be done," he added.

According to the blog site The Duran, because Duterte’s domestic opposition is so wildly unpopular in Philippines and is seen as exacerbating a poor economic situation as well as either ignoring the drug problem or otherwise taking bribes from drug lords, there is little that Washington can do in Philippines other than inject foreign money into the country in order to foment a would-be “colour revolution” against the legitimate leader of Philippines.

USAId earned an infamous reputation in Russia during the 1990s, when the group helped funnel millions of dollars into political and business interests that took a pro-US line. The group was further accused of aiding the CIA in the open meddling conducted by Washington in the 1996 Russian Presidential election.

Since 2012, USAid has been banned in Russia, but the organisation continues to agitate for regime change against anti-colonial, sovereignty minded governments around the world.


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