A. Karim Omar, the vice-president of Muslim group Muafakat, photo from Malay Mail Online
During a “Liberalism: Agenda of the Illuminati” forum in Malaysia held by Muslim group Muafkat, with support from Jakim and the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council, they discussed the active engagements by Liberal across the world and their strategy that involves attacking high profile leaders and figures.

Muafkat Vice President A. Karim Omar said, “it is at various levels, their focus is people who have positions, inside the government or those who are not part of the government, inside the government or the opposition, inside the Selangor state government and the state’s opposition. For me liberalism is at a worrying level.”

Omar discussed how, in Malaysia, Liberal-linked or –led organizations are holding various activities that forward their vested interests. One of them, Penang Institute, was said to have received generous support so they can organize programs that attack Islam.

Omar said, “why [does] Penang institute [want] to discuss about Islam, [when] they should have discussed about Penang?”

Omar said that some 30 international groups send financial aid to hundreds of liberal organizations in Malaysia. He named women’s group Sisters in Islam, Muslim group Islamic Renaissance Front, and Institute for Policy Research (IKD) as the three major liberal movements in his country.

In the forum, it also discussed the link between Liberals and the Illuminati. The latter is said to have branched from Zionism and the spread of liberalism is part of a “Grand Design” to allegedly destroy Islam.

While the Illuminati remains largely part of conspiracy theories, liberalism is defined as political ideas that forward civil rights, freedom of speech and religion, free trade, private property, and free and fair elections.

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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