Karen Davila and Atty. Trixie Cruz Angeles, photo from PhilNews.XYZ
A blogsite lambasted veteran journalist Karen Davila for allegedly failing in her attempt to prove the unworthiness of Presidential Communications and Operations Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson for the position in her interview in ANC with PCOO social media manager Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles.

Pinoy Thinking shared the ANC video where Davila interviewed Cruz Angeles, a supporter and appointee of President Rodrigo Duterte, where the topic to be discussed was the proliferation of fake news in the country.

Uson was brought up by Davila, being accused of spreading fake news by various senators, with criminal charges filed against her by Senator Antonio Trillanes for her Facebook page which has five million followers.

Davila, discussing Uson said that she must be responsible for her posts, quoting from spiderman, "with great power comes great responsility".

Angeles then replied that even elected officials, or any influential personality is responsible for their acts, which Davila rebutted by saying that Uson is an appointee.

Angeles quickly replied, asking what the difference was.

She said even United States President Donald Trump can tweet, and that would garner opposing voices.

Davila then suggested that Uson, young as she is, can still be trained and molded.

But Angeles countered by stating that Uson should not change, as she was appointed for who she is, a fact which did not change.

Then Angeles said that she will "talk fake news",

The lawyer questioned the number 13,000 associated with deaths in the country resulting from the Philippine National Police' anti-drug operations.

"Where is the evidence that it is the state that is conducting it (killings)? We have evidence of homicide but nowhere near the number of 13,000," Cruz Angeles said.

She said that the people stating 13,000 are dangerous as they ruin the country's image, considering that they go abroad.

"You go after Mocha Uson for a wrong picture, but you are quiet about 13,000 deaths," Angeles said to Davila.

The blog said that Davila "messed with the wrong person".

Watch video below:

source: pinoythinking.info

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