Jun Avelino, LP Members-Former President Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, photo compiled from Google
Jun Avelino, an international relations expert in his Facebook page, said that the members of the Liberal party through their actions suggesting that the problem of illegal drugs in the country is not of gravity, is making Filipinos wait until the problem gets worse.

He said that the LP members do so simply because they need arguments to put in a bad light the actions of President Rodrigo Duterte.

He noted that the country ranked second drug-using country in the world in 2015 when the government was under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III of the Liberal Party.

The ranking was made by the Independent, a news agency based in the United Kingdoms.

The Philippines ranked second after El Salvador.

"In 2015, during the reign of LP in this country, Philippines ranked no. 2 as Drug-Using Country  all over the world for Shabu (Amphetamine), next only to El Salvador. And yet, one of the arguments advanced by the critiques of the Drug War Program of Duterte is that our drug problem is not really that worst as being pictured out by the administration to justify these harsh measures imposed," he said.

 "In effect, they are saying that we have to outrank El Salvador first before they will realize that our problem is really worst and that action should be taken only thereafter. - My Gad!  Are we talking with shabu addicts here?" he added.

He shared Independent's article and noted that no single European Union country landed in the top 10 among Shabu using countries all over the world.

Then he lambasted the European Union, which has been vocally opposing Duterte's drug war.

"Why on earth EU has the temerity to berate us on our face saying that our approach in solving our problems with shabu is wrong? And the more disturbing question is: Why are the mainstream media, the yellows and anti Dutertards supporting EU's position? - Sanamagan!"

The EU has been the subject of Duterte's invectives as well, after it threatened to pull off aid if the president pushes through with his policy.

"With this, the world should not blame the majority of the Filipino people in standing by Duterte in resenting EU intervention on our internal affairs by shouting in chorus with the middle fingers up in the air, "Fuck You EU".... Whew! It's kinda relieving!" he said.

Two days ago, the President advised EU to accept Senator Angara's explanation on the slays in country, or it can "go to hell".

source: Jun Avelino

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