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In the radio program  "Usapang De Campanilla" in DZMM, Editha Orcilla, assistant national statistician of the Civil Registration Service ng Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), explained the process of having one's birth certificate corrected.

Among the most common corrections done in birth certifcates are the names, birth dates and sex of the owners.

The first step is to file a petition to the civil registrar's office where the individual is registered.

A correction of entry can amount to a maximum of P1.000. While a "migrant petition; or those filed in Civil registrar offices that are not where the individuals are registered, can reach up to P1.500.

Applicants need bring two copies of birth certificates to be corrected,two records to support the change, which could be school records or medical or baptismal certifcates, and other documents like such.

According to Orcilla, the process takes around three months as these will be sent by the local civil registrar to the Philippine Statistics Authorith which will be then sent back for the local civil registrar to approve for the certifcicate of finality.

The document is unchanged, however, there will be an annotation.

"We are not allowed to change any entries in the record mismo. We cannot erase kasi tampering na po ‘yan. We just do the annotation," she said.

Filipinos abroad can apply for the change in their respective embassies.

An application cannot be made online.

For a change in the sex provided, the individual need accreditation from a doctor recignized by the government, and the fees for such transaction is separate.

"Ito po’y kailangan personal na pumunta ‘yong may-ari ng dokumento at may kailangan pang medical certification from an accredited government physician," Orcilla said.


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