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Jose Alejandrino, a former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs to Philippine President Fidel V Ramos, said in a write-up that unless President Rodrigo Duterte be given extraordinary powers, he cannot institutute meaningful change.

"Without such powers, he cannot institute meaningful change. The most recent example is the CA turning down his Cabinet appointees."

On Tuesday, Secretary Pauline Ubial of the Department of Health was rejected for her appointment by the Commission on Appointments, being the fifth Duterte appointee to be kicked out of position.

 Alejandrino said that the President's biggest problem  is the continuous destabilization of the country by his enemies to hinder change.

"Since he took office over a year ago, they have not stopped in their efforts to dislodge him by exaggerated claims of EJKs, fake news by Opposition bloggers, by maligning him. They are giving a bad image abroad of our country, of a country that is in a political mess," he said.

Alejandrino also hit on the Commission on Human Rights and the Office of the Ombudsman, calling them "corrupt and broken institutions" who have conspired against the President.

He also targeted the Senate.

" The Senate kowtows to useless hearings by Opposition members aimed at discrediting the president and his family. The Opposition gives aid and comfort to terrorists and praises Joma Sison as a hero whose NPAs continue to ambush and kill our soldiers and police. Foreign investors read about our bad news and put on hold their investment plans for the Philippines."

The former Malacanang official said that the continuation of destabilization is likely to continue.

He added that Duterte's enemies will exert all efforts to bring him down.

"I had also said Duterte's enemies will do everything to bring down his popularity or at least show a semblance of a sharp drop. It doesn't have to be true. It only needs to appear it is true for the consumption of the local public and foreign media. The latest SWS survey is an example. Immediately after it came out, Trillanes crowed Duterte was losing his popularity."

He said that granting extraordinary powers to Duterte may solve all these.

"By granting the president provisional extraordinary powers, these are a sword of Damocles hanging over the head of destabilizers. If they continue to misbehave, they can be put in an isolated island to plant camote or confined to a mental asylum. Believe me, it works."

source: Abe Purugganan

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Former Malacañang official: 'Latest SWS survey part of destabilization of Duterte's enemies' Former Malacañang official: 'Latest SWS survey part of destabilization of Duterte's enemies' Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 12 October Rating: 5

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