Dr. Ethel Pineda and Duterte Supporters, photo compiled from Facebook and Google
Dr. Ethel Pineda on her Facebook page called on to people, claiming that President Rodrigo Duterte needs the people, and he needs them to unite to support him.

Pineda, a known Duterte supporter, attached a photo of a gathering for Duterte where audiences are at the multitudes.

"He called, we came. We have a president who embodies the hopes and dreams of every Filipino. Peace, freedom from want, social justice. Things denied us for generations. These are rights our forefathers died fighting for," she said.

The doctor called for unity to aid the 72 year old president.

"It is not an easy task. The president needs us. The best way we can help is when we are united, arms linked. The bricks and mortar cannot separate from each other lest the walls collapse before the enemies," she said.

"This is all about the president and our country. Not about who writes best, who has the loudest voice. Ang maaari lamang na paligsahan ay kung sino ang magmamahal sa bayan ng pinakawagas. Kasali sana tayong lahat doon," she added.

Pineda was pertaining to the division created amongst Filipinos  by the supporters of the President and those of the liberal party, which has been branded as Duterte's opposition,

She concluded her post by adding lyrics of the national anthem.

"Alab ng puso, sa dibdib mo'y buhay."

The post has garnered 1,800 likes and over 500 shares as of writing.
Source: Dr. Ethel Pineda

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