President Rodrigo Duterte visiting and helping sick children, photo from
President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech he gave where children were audiences, said that he is being painted as the "bad boy" in his drug war, but he is doing it for them.

Duterte was at the 25th anniversary of the preschool Center for Brighter Beginnings where he said that he only wanted good people to roam the earth.

He said that despite his intent, he was still being painted as the bad guy.

“Others were saying I am a bad boy because I hurt bad people. Others even say I send (bad people) to heaven, that’s why (I am bad),” he said.

“Do you know children why I get angry even on TV? Because those bad people, I don’t want them in this world. I want them gone so that nobody will disturb your life anymore,” he added.

Her said his intention is to protect the children of the  country.

“I want you to grow in peace, no trouble, no thieves, no kidnappers. Nothing of this sort (of problems),”

Duterte also said that the reason he became President was the children can be spared from being victims of criminality.

The President added that he saw how grave the drug problem was, even as Davao City Mayor and that even the United States has recognized the gravity of the problem as well, citing how President Donald Trump had declared Opioid abuse as a national public health emergency.

He mentioned how former US president Barack Obama downgraded the drug problem by looking into his plan and criticized it.

“I said before when Obama was investigating that one day, to your sorrow. Now look. They just declared. I just listened,” he said.

“Now, what? It’s my turn to ask, what now? And so, America. It was your idol before. Now look. So what’s happening to America? It is in total disorder,” he said.

He also defended himself by saying that he never ordered extrajudicial killings.


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