Rolly G. Reyes and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo compiled from Google
A netizen on Facebook shared a columnist's opinion that President Rodrigo Duterte, instead of dealing with his outspoken critics such as Senators Antonio Trillanes, Leila de Lima, Risa Hontiveros and Francis Panglinan, should instead focus on more pressing matters that are of national interest.

Gil Ramos, quoted columnist Rolly G. Reyes of the Manila Times who said that it is not President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs that pulled his ratings down, but his inability to go beyond the ratings.

According to Reyes, there are other concerns that need immediate attention from the President.

He cited  job generation, the economy, and crimes committed other than those perpetrated by drug elements and the traffic situation

Reyes said that Duterte should prioritize the problem on traffic, before anything else.

"Start the remedial work on the traffic problem soonest, mobilize efforts to address emergency situations that may come sooner than late."

He also said that the President should make sure that there is no corruption among his appointees, and that the ones found guilty, should be penalized accordingly.

“Check on his appointees. There are those performing below par. Embark on a real serious anti-graft and corruption campaign that knows no bounds. OK, he fires his appointees found to be engaged in corruption, then what? Pursue graft charges against crooks then and now instead of seeing to their return or retirement," he said.

Reyes insisted that one good tactic would be for Duterte to pay no heed to the opposition.

“He should also stop minding his political foes. Let his men respond. He should actually be working to address more serious matters, those mentioned above. (Huwag na kasi patulan si Trillanes, de Lima, Hontiveros, Pangilinan). Sigh, they are BELOW his level. Let the lawyers handle them," he said.

"Check efforts that will better the lives of the people, see to the things that matter in their day-to-day existence. There’s much to do. The nation is waiting for direction. It is waiting for genuine change. Be the President, not the mayor," he added.

Source: Gil Ramos

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