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"These are the 3 sins of Mocha Uson for which a society such as ours will never forgive her for. Number one, she is (a) woman, number two, she is powerful, number three, she’s not buen familia"

Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary and a FIlipina doctor Lorraine Badoy in her Facebook page defended Presidential Communications and Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson after she was grilled at the Senate hearing on fake news.

Uson, who was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as PCOO Asec after advocating for him on social media, was grilled by senators and accused of having spread fake newsand created a propaganda through her Facebook page with a following of five million.

Badoy said that the enemies have no real evidence against Uson.

"Wag na tayong magpaligoy ligoy pa. And let’s not even pretend anymore that it’s really fake news we’re talking about here because during the Senate inquiry on fake news and during Karen Davila’s tv interview of Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles, about the only fake news they could pin on Mocha were a photo of Honduran soldiers that she REPOSTED."

The Philippine Daily Inquirer on Thursday released the published posts which allegedly amounted to fake news.

The posts were: Senator Trillanes' alleged stolen billions, photo from a news of a dead cop which happened a year ago, Uson making up a provision from the constitution, a post about the Philippine army but contained photos of Honduras policemen from 2015, news about a raped girl but contained a photo ofa dead from the country of Brazil, and a post criticizing students of St Scholastica College.

Badoy came to her defense regarding the posts.

"For argument’s sake, I’ll go along with the claim that it was intentional---what, really, is vile about sharing a photo of a group of soldiers—to be sure, a nice enough photo-- from another country to ask for prayers for soldiers of our country?What particular evil intent could Mocha have possibly had in reposting this photo so that it would merit the monumental hue and cry and MORAL OUTRAGE that that REPOST generated? What about the act justifies you wanting to crucify her?"

Badoy however, claimed that the only reason Uson was being criticized was because many doubt her capacity as PCOO Asec, as she did not come from elitist origins, or does not possess good credentials, and that she is a woman.

"The real question they’re dying to ask but are too disente to spell out clearly is, “How can a hampaslupa slut slash sexy dancer slash someone who’s had to dance to feed herself rise to power and fame?”", Badoy said.

"They find it perfectly acceptable for incompetent, indifferent, monumental bumbling idiots to be government high officials for as long as they are MEN and graduates of Ateneo, Wharton, Annapolis and of course, are buen familia. Elitista," she added.

Badoy said that Uson's posts were pursuant to her right to free expression, and that those charging her for fake news have no concrete evidence against her.

"They want the chain they’re familiar with---the archaic chain the oligarchs have had on their and their family’s necks for centuries. So wag na tayo maglokohan. You have nothing on Mocha. NOTHING. She is NOT the purveyor of fake news you’ve made her out to be," the post read.

Badoy said that Uson answered well in the hearing and "vindicated" herself.

She also commented on the recent interview between Karem Davila and Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles, reiterating over and over that Uson was no good for her position, because of her lack of qualifications.

"Kung sakaling walang pinag-aralan ang isang tao, tama bang kutyain at maliitin mo sha? Tama ba na mangliliit kayo sa isang taong hindi nagka oportunidad tulad mo na mag-aral? Di kaya ang basehan ng pagkatao mo ay kung gano mo tinatanggal ang pagkaexclusibo mo para LAHAT kasama, ke may inaral o wala, ke tricycle driver o executive?," Badoy said.

The DSWD Asec who started as a Facebook advocate of President Rodrigo Duterte said that elitism should be called out "for the evil that it is".

source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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