Francis Abraham and Jover Laurio, photo compiled from Google
A netizen on Facebook lambasted Jover Laurio, calling her a coward hailed as some modern hero by a propaganda by the opposition.

Francis Abraham in his Facebook page, said that no amount of Public Relations firm arranged mediainterviews and appearances coudld twist what Laurio is.

Laurio recently revealed herself as the blogger behind Pinoy Ako Blog, after majority senators sought the identities of anonymous bloggers in the internet, an event triggered by a story entitled "Seven deadly sens" posted by blog Silent No More PH after seven majority senators failed to sign a resolution against extrajudicial killings in the country.

Since the event, the upper house conducted a Senate Hearing on Fake News, interviewing bloggers in Facebook.

Laurio, whose blog was attacking the administration, showed up and used the defense of the wight to anonimity, which Tindig Pilipinas, and several opposition members,affirmed to be one which is entitled to.

"Instead of making her pay for maliciously slandering reputations, she is hailed as some sort of modern day hero. That is the pr propaganda, a carefully designed spin the opposition, the ultra biased media, Tindig Pilipinas, Talab of Ateneo, want us to believe," Abraham said.

He said that Laurio is a slandering coward.

"She is a slanderer, a coward who hid behind a pseudonym in order to malign reputations, only to come out right before she was to be exposed to take on the role of a meek lamb, a victim of the bullies, of DDS bloggers, the very same people she so brazenly maligned as Pinoy Ako Blog."

He added that all her support the blogger are no different.

"She is PAB. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a hypocrite, a malicious slanderer, a coward who had to hide behind a pseudonym,"he said.

Tindig Pilipinas, a group headed by Senators Risa Hontiveros, Kiko Pangilinan, Bam Aquino and Antonio Trillanes earlier released a statement, saying that Laurio deserved the right to remain anonymous as such comes with the right to free speech and expression.

source: Francis Abraham

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Ateneo alumnus: no propaganda would change what Laurio is: a hypocrite, slanderer, coward Ateneo alumnus: no propaganda would change what Laurio is: a hypocrite, slanderer, coward Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 16 October Rating: 5

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