These never before heard facts about Honeylet will make you love her more
Honeylet Avanceña, photo from Inquirer
President Rodrigo Duterte has made it known that the first lady of the Philippines is his daughter, Sara. However, it is Cielito "Honeylet" Avaceña, his domestic partner of 20 years, who is in charge of the presidential household.

Avaceña, 46, is a former nurse, who has spent years working as a health professional in the United States until she returned to Davao in 2004.

She said that although they are not legally married, the President was her first serious relationship. Together they have Veronica "Kitty" Duterte, 13 years old.

Duterte's first marriage with Elizabeth Zimmerman ended in annulment.

Avaceña is deemed smart, a high school valedictorian, and a mild, and caring woman.

Interviewed by Inquirer in  in 2016, she was found picking out clothes for the President, saying that she was trying to pick a more "presidential" wardrobe, as he is a fan of the casual maong and polo shirt.

"“He doesn’t like itchy fabrics, he’s sensitive that way. That’s why he matches his barong Tagalog with maong denim.  He doesn’t like polyester; it makes him itch.  It has to be cotton," she said, adding that she does his shopping for him.

Before the presidential lifestyle, Avaceña managed businesses in Davao City consisting of a meat shop, a catering service, and a 11 Mister Donut Franchises.

Asked what the basis of their relationship was, she replied, “Asawa.  Kung ano ang gawain ng asawa.”

Asked to describe the partner of Duterte, a "friend" of hers said, that she is “the supportive, quiet and prayerful wife of 20 years.  I can describe her as the gentle and comforting soul behind  President Rody.  She is very feminine and soft-spoken.  The woman doesn’t involve herself in politics but busies herself caring for her husband and child and their home.  Being a nurse, Honeylet also cares for the health and well-being of her husband.”

Despite this trait, Avaceña is also known to be independent, not relying on Duterte for financial support, having managed businesses of her own.

When the 70-year-old Duterte’s health was placed under scrutiny, she said that his blood pressure was better than hers, and that she had to take two medications to keep her blood pressure under control.

She has displayed a lot of faith in her partner, saying is is certain Duterte will come through with his campaign promises.

“Mabibigyan ko kayo ng assurance na magtatrabaho siya,” she said.  “Doon ako takot, kasi alam ko na magtatrabaho siya.”

She said that as Davao City Mayor, Duterte will lose sleep over problems. She said that during one kidnapping incident, Duterte did not sleep until the victim was found.

She also credited a higher power for her partner's victory.

“I think God’s hand is at work in him,” she said.

During his campaign, Avanceña was content to stay under the radar during major events like Duterte’s oath-taking and his first State of the Nation Address. While she attended, she didn’t walk beside Duterte on the red carpet.

Source: Inquirer

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These never before heard facts about Honeylet Avaceña will make you love her more These never before heard facts about Honeylet Avaceña will make you love her more Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 September Rating: 5

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