Fearless netizens react on Trillanes 'triad' accusation against Paolo Duterte
Polong Duterte and Sen. Antonio Trillanes, photo from ABS-CBN News
On Thursday, Senator Antonio Trillanes accused Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte during the senate hearing of being a member of the Chinese organized crime 'Triad'.

"Binigay sa 'kin ng foreign intelligence... Si Paolo Duterte member ng triad. Ang proof ng kaniyang membership, ang kaniyang tattoo sa likod," Trillanes said in a Senate hearing.

As per Trillanes, the membership of Duterte in a triad could be proven by a colored, dragon-like tattoo on his back.

Though Paolo Duterte admitted that he has indeed tattoo on his back, he refused to show it to public.

This circus in the senate has gained several comments and reactions from netizens all over the country.

One netizen commented: "Tri─║anes wants to establish Propaganda...appeal to peoples emotion then create EDSA and ride on Political syndicated motives of Oustering our very precious President Digong...Pisting Yawa at Diablong Buang talaga itong Dilawan... hay naku!!"

Another netizen even called Trillanes a Crazy Megalomaniac, a person who is obsessed with their own power.  The netizen said, "Crazy Megalomaniac Trillanes at his finest moment! Character assasination is his ultimate weapon! No wonder why you've been and will always be the laughingstock in the Senate! Loser!"

There was also one netizen who poked fun with Trillanes. "Trillanes is a member of the so called MYLA gang .... Myla-mat ang utak­čĄú­čĄústupidity and too much bullshit is being discussed in the senate."

Another netizen said Trillanes' accusation has no solid proof. "Any solid proof or evidence? That he is actually a part of the group? Has anyone seen the tattoo? It can be any symbol or what not. Puro tsismis etong si Trillanes wala naman ebidensya!"

There is one netizen who somehow believed of what Trillanes has revealed: "Duterte's supporters, are you really that deaf and blind not to see and hear the truth? The facts are all there, laid out for you to see things clearly.  Or you just want to play deaf because you are afraid to hear the truth and pretend to be blind to ignore the truth? All because you are feeling guilty that you've made the wrong choice and, therefore, afraid to face the truth? The evidence is in Paulo Duterte's back - the symbolic tattoo. If all are hearsay and he has nothing to hide as he claims then show us the iconic tattoo. Simple arithmetic."

Comments were taken from CNN Facebook post.

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