A registered nurse open letter to Risa Hontiveros: 'May you land in jail and die as a bitter woman'
Sen. Risa Hontiveros, photo from Philstar
As the hearing on the extra-judicial issue in the Senate is getting intense, several political dramas, opinions and testimonies have been seen and heard.

Emotions ran high during a Senate probe into the death of two teens in the ongoing drug war of the current admin. Senator Risa Hontiveros said there seemed to be a “pattern” of killings of drug suspects, citing the case of 17-year-old Kian delos Santos and 19-year-old Carl Arnaiz, among others.

PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa was apparently piqued by this and called out the senator for her statement.

Aaron Bjorn Godfrey Ong
“I really felt alluded to na sinasabi mo may umiiral na polisiya sa PNP na malawakang pagpatay sa drug suspects (that you are saying that there's a prevailing PNP policy on the extensive killing of drug suspects), Dela Rosa said.

A brave netizen from Iloilo reacted to this incident and wrote an open letter addressed to Sen. Risa Hontiveros. Aaron Bjorn Godfrey Ong, a registered nurse said he was a supporter of the senator before but now it's otherwise.

Ong hoped that the PhilHealth scam involving the senator be investigated and if proven guilty, she will be jailed.

Check out his full open letter below:

Dear Risa Hontiveros,

It is better to be thought of as an idiot than speak and remove all doubt.

You won my vote when you fought tooth and nail for the passage of the Reproductive Health Law. Today, you proved such was a waste.

Ever since this Drug War has been declared, you were constantly failing in the intelligence department; in fact, your level of logic is cringe worthy.

I am aware that your allegiance is for the Liberal Party of the Philippines and you will move heaven and earth to destroy President Duterte regardless of whatever good he has done to the country.

I understand that Miss Hontiveros. I really do. What I cannot grasp, however, is your extreme disregard to logic and reason. Every time you speak to cause public outcry against the President, I wonder why in the nine levels of hell did I vote for someone as severely willing to portray herself as a lapdog than a beacon of intelligence.

Why are you acting stupid when you have a lot of potential to be a source of hope and inspiration?
I am severely disappointed. 🤦‍♂️

Anyway, may the multibillion peso PhilHealth scam when you were still a Board Member be investigated.

Should your involvement be proven and you willfully stole from the beneficiaries, may you land in jail and die as a bitter woman. May your soul including all those involved be an amusement for Lucifer and his agents for all eternity.

Source: Aaron Bjorn Godfrey Ong

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A registered nurse open letter to Risa Hontiveros: 'May you land in jail and die as a bitter woman' A registered nurse open letter to Risa Hontiveros: 'May you land in jail and die as a bitter woman' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 06 September Rating: 5

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