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Adam Garrie, a political commentator in the United Kingdom, through his online commentary site "The Duran", wrote that President Rodrigo Duterte should establish a revolutionary government, the same way former President Corazon Aquino established one during the end of the Ferdinand Marcos era, or else his would be an opportunity wasted.

Garrie said that the changes that the President are seeking are no less revolutionary than that which transpired during Aquino's time.

Adam Garrie
He said that if Duterte succumbs to the power of his opponents, future generations will look at is presidency as a "golden opportunity lost" just like how the opportunity acquired by Aquino to reorganize the Philippine political landscape was lost when she returned the spots of politicians during her revolutionary government before the 1987 Constitution was promulgated.

"Duterte has the chance to seize the opportunity and win even more support for doing so. The only other viable option which exists before the nation is for Duterte’s opponents to stop trying to strangle the country’s political system with legal deadlock and accept that the people have spoken in favour of Duterte and that the popular will should not be hindered due to the egotism of the old political guard," Garrie said.

Duterte has himself admitted to having considered establishing a revolutionary government.

"It is not difficult to see why. Duterte’s policies and his style of government are indeed revolutionary. Duterte has presented Philippines with a political program which calls for vast changes to the way the country is run," Garrie said.

The President has also stated that he regrets Corazon Aquino's failure to fully purge the government of former officials when she had the chance.

In 1986, Aquino abolished the 1973 Constitution established by Ferdinand Marcos, formed a Freedom Constitution, which was followed by the drafting and ratification of the 1987 Constitution which is binding until today.

In a revolutionary government, there is thorough replacement or an overthrow of an established government or political system.

"A brighter future for Philippines is at President Duterte’s fingertips. In the opposite direction stands a permanent political deadlock that does nothing but undermine Duterte’s mandate from the people," Garrie ended.

Source: The Duran

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