San Beda lawyer slams LP members: 'Galing niyo talagang pagkakakitaan ang patay'
Members of the opposition, photo from GMA News
Atty Bruce Rivera, a firm supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte went against the members of the Liberal Party this time for the alleged sensationalizing of the killing of 17 year old Kian Delos Santos during police operations against illegal drugs.

Rivera through his Facebook account, claimed that the LP is using the incident to damage the reputation of the Rodrigo Duterte administration to which the party has no right as they have been silent on the atrocities which occurred during the time of LP President Benigno Aquino III.

The San Beda Alabang lawyer said that the policemen need undeniably be punished and that the LP can do so by turning to policemen who they are "allies with" and have those who killed Delos Santos be terminated.

He also bashed the party for calling for due process.

"Due Process? Naniniwala pala kayo nun??? Nung sinumpa niyo si Napoles dahil sangkot siya sa pork barrel at hindi na pinakinggan, due process ba yun? Yung binaril niyong magsasaka sa Luisita at sa Cotabato, may due process ba yun? Yung ginapang at minolestiya ng mga pari ang mga musmos na walang kalaban-laban dahil ginamit ang Diyos, may due process ba kayong pinairal sa kalibugan ninyo?" Rivera said.

To lawyers like him, he said that one cannot shout for justice at the present when there were injustices in the past.

"You cannot shout injustice now but remain quiet on the injustice of the past. Call out Kian's death and cry "himagsikan" when the innocence of the one killed is still being investigated and the police relieved of their jobs and then remain silent on the many unjust acts of injustice perpetuated by the drug syndicates and drug addicts. Mga panyeros, you seem to forget about social justice. Unlike due process that is not defined specifically by jurisprudence because it was intented to be pliant, social justice is definite and specific. " the lawyer said.

" It is neither communism, nor despotism nor atomism or anarchy but the HUMANIZATION OF LAWS. You may say Kian's death was a result of lack of due process. Pwede akong makipagdebate bakit may due process yun. Why can I do it? Because the law is very broad in defining due process. But when the government is fighting fire with fire, stopping heartless drug syndicates who uses brutality and children (not just minors) to do their bidding, putting real enemies of the state in places thery truly belong (in hell), that is social justice," the lawyer added.

He also defended President Rodrigo Duterte by stating that allowing policemen to kill as a form of self-defense is necessary.

Rivera also came to the defense of his fellow "DDS" or Die-hard Duterte Supporters, saying that the group is not trying to eradicate the noise about Delos Santos' death by saying so much on social media.

He also commented on the CCTV footage allegedly showing the killing of the boy.

"Sagot ko: May CCTV na nagpapatunay na nung nirescue si Luy ng NBI dahil kinidnap daw siya ni Napoles, nagpupumiglas ito at ayaw sumama sa nagrescue sa kanya. Pero kinonvict pa din siya ni Alameda. Anong konek? Ang CCTV footages, walang sounds. Pwedeng paglaruan."

"Galing niyo talagang pagkakakitaan ang patay. Si Ninoy, si Cory, si Jesse ngayon si Kian. Kaso, kulang sa arrive eh. Ialay niyo kaya si Laylayan or si Kanin. Baka bumenta sa 84M na anti-Duterte na sinasabi ninyo." he added.

Source: Bruce Rivera

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San Beda lawyer slams LP members: 'Galing niyo talagang pagkakakitaan ang patay' San Beda lawyer slams LP members: 'Galing niyo talagang pagkakakitaan ang patay' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 23 August Rating: 5

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