Political commentator and renowned political analyst from the University of Ottawa Canada, Amir Assadollahi reacted to Sen. Risa Hontiveros' statement about the drug raid done by the Philippine National Police.

The raid resulted to the death of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. and other 15 individuals. According to Hontiveros, the Parojinogs being drug lords might be true but the government unequivocally must not disregard the rule of law.

Political expert from University of Ottawa knocks out Risa Hontiveros
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Assadollahi then rebutted to Hontiveros statement and stated that the latter is showing the lack of understanding and demonstrates her weak ability to judge events and situations.

Check out full post below of Amir Assadollahi:

Okay, let's make judgement. I am still observing what has had happened, and waiting to see how investigation on this is going, but it seems like Sen. Hontiveros always knows it all! LOL

From the sounds of it, when listening to her, Senator Risa Hontiveros always have a line of argument that reflects her opinion that any type of killing either by police or military was and is a "state sanctioned massacre," right?

Well, she has argued that here anyway! So, let's use that to see how impeccable her understanding and logic is, okay?

Let's take the same argument as she has for a second, and apply it to the past administrations in the past three decades, okay? Now, if what she says is remain as the hypothesis for her theory of "state sanctioned massacre," then the past three decades of government administrators sanctioned many massacres by her definition by ignoring any crimes committed by the military and police that resulted in killings.

If there are rouge police and military personals, does that mean their misbehavior or criminal activities a "state sanctioned behavior"? I am asking her that! If so all the crimes, corruption and frauds committed by them was a state sanction - that is how she defines things anyway. Therefore, any appointee of the government should be considered as criminal by her definition, and so the appointed "ombudswoman" Madam Conchita Claudio Carpio-Morales is an infamous person that aims to support the crimes of the government!

Well, if we want to go with the logic of Senator Risa Hontiveros without any proper investigation, then what I said above must be true. I am only applying the way her logic works.

Her logic is once again flawed, just like the last time when she was confusing the meaning between terrorist and rebellion in retrospect to martial law in Mindanao and the city of Marawi by calling the Philippines' military that was deployed there to protect the civilians and fight the terrorists to bring law and order and establish peace and security as the "invading force" in the Philippines while forgetting that Mindanao is the Philippines - as if it was another country!

She keeps a straight face while confusing the meaning of the words, and once again she is showing the same lack of understanding and demonstrates her weak ability to judge events and situations.

In her earlier statement she is saying that "it is possible that the claim of the Parajinogs being drug lords is true" while she the shootout between the drug lord and the police in the police raid by court's order that resulted in the death of him and some kg his gang members as "massacre sponsored by state"! Well, she is member of minority opposition party seat of the state and let's take her own argument and argue that by her own account of lack of understanding of technical legal and political words, she is responsible for it as well. I am using her own lack of logic to show her own lack of understanding on things.

Once again is "jumping the gun" (meaning acting before the proper time) and once again playing word games for her own political gain and for promoting her political party in a political attack toward the majority seat of the government - in which her arguments has nothing to do with the event that has taken place, but has more to do with her political interests. She is not after the truth and justice, but is after power and political gains.

It is too early to come up with such conclusions as she always comes up with. The full investigation needs to follow its due course, and her statements as a Senator is not only inappropriate but also lacks the credibility because of her own political interest that is against the majority seat of the government.

Let the investigation follow its whole proper course before making any statement, you sound very stupid if you jump into conclusion. I think it is clear which people are really sounding stupid here.

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