Ozamiz councilor says Mayor Parojinog is not involved in drugs
Councilor and now the acting Vice Mayor Michael Tagal of Ozamiz City didn’t believe the death of Mayor Reynaldo was involved in illegal drugs.

Tagal said, Parojinog is not involved in the illegal drug trade; it could be his relatives.

"Sa palagay ko, hindi (involved sa drugs si Mayor Parojinog), dahil 'yung mga kamag-anak lang siguro niya 'yung parang ganun. Wala akong personal knowledge sa kanyang involvement. Parang ganoon, kasi maano mo sa media," this is what he stated on DZMM.

Tagal said the illegal drug trade in Osamiz City had fallen and minimized when Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido was elected as the police chief.

This is what he said, "Sa pag-operate ni police chief Jovie Espenido, talagang nabawasan, na-minimize."

Parojinog Sr. and 14 others were killed in a raid held in San Roque Lawis, Ozamis City this past Sunday. The Parojinog’s camp didn’t approve to the accusation with the 6 search warrants for firearms at around 2:30 a.m. of the dawn.

Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog has arrested also for the same case. She and his brother have transferred already to Camp Crame. She still cannot believe what just happened. And she still doesn’t want to admit the case they have been accused.

Mayor Parojinog is one of the names listed local government officials in the narco-list of President Rodrigo Duterte. And his daughter was allegedly in a relationship with an eminent bilibid inmate Herbert Colangco.

He earlier denied any connection in the prohibited drugs trade.

Ozamis City residents know what the truth is. Whether or not the Parojinogs are telling the truth, you'll be the judge!

Source: ABS-CBN News

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