Minors dealing drugs rescued
Photo from Sunstar Davao
A drug bust in downtown Cebu City on June 3 had policemen catch minors dealing drug.

16 year old "Beth", a grade 8 student along with 10 other minors (two males, eight females) were caught dealing drugs alongside five adults.

After reports of minors forming a network of drug couriers escalated, the City Intelligence Branch of the Cebu City Police arrested drug peddler Mae Marice "Kalay" Jakosalem, 19, and four others inside a hotel room on Colon St.

Chief Inspector Christopher Navida said, "This is the biggest rescue we made involving minors being used as couriers for shabu. And this is very alarming,"

The operatives conducted buy-bust operations against Jakosalem and found minors from age 11 to 17 working with the latter, along with Php 42,000 worth of shabu hidden inside two wallets.

16-year-old Jessa told police that she earned P2,000 per day when she delivered "butang," or shabu, to another dealer, while her companion 17- year old Joe said they were merely visiting a friend when caught by operatives.

Navida warned parents against allowing their children to engage in illegal activities. "You are supposed to be the role model because you are the parents. If we find out that other drug pushers are using their own kids as couriers, we will run after them," he said.

The children caught were handed over to social workers.

Senior Insp. Sheila Gurtiza, chief of the Women and Children's Protection Desk, said the children will be interviewed by the Department of Social Welfare and Services as the crime they committed is punishable by more than six years.

Source: Sunstar 

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