Martin Bautista rescuing Andy on ill-gotten wealth issue a totally wrong move, here's why
Martin Bautista, the doctor brother of Andres Bautista who is based in Oklahoma, came to rescue his brother Andres from the issue of ill-gotten wealth after Andres’ wife, Tisha, exposed to the public numerous bank accounts with a huge amount of money deposited in it.

Martin, big brother, tries to save his brother from the issue and tried to clean his brother’s name by showing their mansion in US. The blog We Are Collective tries to grab all their senses to understand why Martin would do such when his brother was being attacked for having an unexplainable wealth.

We Are Collective stated that Martin’s move didn’t pull his brother out of the issue but buries him more to the grave. That showing off that kind of house will make raise more eyebrows. “Granted that your house has a floating jacuzzi and a f***ing helipad, the question remains: where in God's name did you get the money to build such grandiose accommodations? Not only does your reply NOT answer the question, it even raises more of it.”

We Are Collective were so keen that they noticed that Martin never said in the video showing their property in Oklahoma that the money putting up the mansion came from Andres nor Martin’s compensation as a doctor but rather Martin said that the property was acquired from Andres’ investments. “Is the IRS aware of that?” We Are Collective asked.

We Are Collective stressed that what Martin did was not helping his brother, rather, it proves that his brother Andres used Martin as a dummy, worse, IRS will be coming. We are Collective added “Jesse Robredo used his wealthy cousins and his siblings based abroad as dummies to cover his ill-gotten wealth. This is a common practice for public officials whose salaries cannot possibly justify what they have no matter what kind of advanced and complex arithmetic you use.

We Are Collective further enumerated the irregularities on Bautista’s defense.

Here are the details of irregularities on Bautista’s defense.

1. The contrasting statement of the two Bautistas. Andres said he was uncertain of the worth of his asset but Martin says that they have $20 Million. Andres also claimed that he bank books were fake. Andres also said that they have a fund manager and why on earth would Andres doesn’t know how much is their wealth?

 It is clear that Andy is lying. At first he says that he is unsure of the amount of cash and properties his estranged wife was claiming, and now his brother has practically admitted that their family owns 20 million dollars (1 billion pesos) worth of properties and cash from varied investments? At one point Andy even claimed that some of these passbooks and documents were fake. If Andy was the designated family fund manager, how can he not be aware of the total amount his family has? Why did it take so long for his brother to suddenly come out of nowhere and make this outrageous claim?

2. To verify Andres’ defense is true, then the BIR as well as the IRS should review Bautista’s Tax Returns.

It's actually easy to check if such claims are true. Profits and returns from various investments should reflect in the family's income tax returns. Where were these investments made? In the Philippines? In the US? A simple check in the IRS and the BIR will suffice. Did they pay the right amount of taxes? Commensurate to what they claim they "earned" legally from various investments?

3. A fund manager must have administered their account more carefully, since the Bautista has a close to billion assets.

No sane minded fund manager will keep his family's fortune in a small regional bank such as the LDB, in multiple accounts under the same branch, and keep the daily transactions well below the threshold of Php 500,000 unless he was deliberately hiding these funds and was avoiding AMLC detection. 

4.The growth of Bautista’s wealth was beyond reality.

 No expert fund manager with the extraordinary ability to grow his family's investment to such humongous proportions can ever be this stupid, coming up with such flimsy alibis that will not hold water given the simplest checks. 

5. A fund manager must safeguard his client’s account, but the fund manager clumsily kept the passbooks in one place, which lead Tisha’s discovery of all of their wealth.

No intelligent fund manager will keep all these passbooks and  documents together with BDSM equipment locked inside a closet in a house he shares with his estranged wife. Or leave gift wrapped bundles of cash lying around the kitchen or dining table like early Christmas presents. The least Andy Bautista could have done was act like Fidel Ramos or Jesse Robredo - clean as the Lord's resurrection - with absolutely no trace in sight.

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Martin Bautista rescuing Andy on ill-gotten wealth issue a totally WRONG MOVE, here's why Martin Bautista rescuing Andy on ill-gotten wealth issue a totally WRONG MOVE, here's why Reviewed by Kristian S. on 14 August Rating: 5

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