Let's get to know more the woman of the hour: Who is Tisha Bautista?
Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu, an alumnus of New York University wrote a very beautiful piece about Mrs. Patricia Paz "Tisha" Bautista, wife of COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista.

Just recently, Bautistas became the hot topic of the town because of the exposé of Tisha relating to her husband who allegedly stockpiled more than 1 billion pesos.

Check out full post below of Krizette Laureta Chu:


(I don't know her, but I know people who do. And I am by nature nosy.)

As the Yellows have started the slut shaming in earnest, there is a concerted effort to paint Tisha Cruz Bautista as a greedy, manipulative, cheating, and vindictive woman who is out to get her hands on P600 M of Andy Bautista's assets.

If we go by Tisha's record, nothing seems to be further than the truth.

You see, friends, the truly rich of this world do not air their dirty linens for the world to see. They don't pick fights on Facebook. They don't pick fights, period. People who do are crass. "Kahihiyan" is a huge motivation for the rich not to engage in the ka chararatan that I engage in. To openly be antagonistic (like me lol) is a huge no-no.

I once asked one of the Marcos relatives (a lovely lady) what happens when she bumps into family that are anti Marcos or have publicly slammed Marcos. She simply shrugs and say that in their circle, nobody talks about things that potentially can cause trouble. Air kisses all around. Everyone as in everyone is civil to each other. Gracious party hostesses time the entry and exit of warring guests, and they have mastered the art of the table seating.

This is why Tisha Bautista's exposé--her decision to open up her life to scrutiny of the world--is doubly amazing and impressive. To expose her husband's ill gotten wealth, Tisha has made herself the easy target of her own group. The country club set must be seething (or Schadenfreuding) that one of their own has exposed her problems so cheaply. In many elite circles (certainly not all), it is widely understood that cheating and stealing and families killing each other over vast fortunes happen, but they are simply not talked about.

Which is why Tisha Bautista may soon find herself the pariah of her social circle. Andy Bautista allegedly getting P1 billion? The manicured set may go, "Uh, okay, that's what happens in politics, dearies. Nothing new." Tisha the wife cheated on him? "But darling, I'm sure he has his cheap sluts on the side, too." Tisha took the story on national TV? "Oh my God, the horror! Their poor family! Pagpipiyestahan sila."

The rich really are different from you and I.

A friend of mine, who became a friend because he was active as a rescue/relief volunteer during Yolanda, messaged me to say thank you for defending Tisha. He says she was the first person to give him a break. My friend has dedicated his life to helping people. He has actually been to Marawi many times dispensing help. Tisha introduced him to the world of volunteerism. Angel Brigade, he says.

Wait, Angel Brigade? It belatedly dawns on me that he's talking about the famous volunteer group who has done the rounds of all badly hit areas in the Philippines. They started in Ondoy, have been in Bohol and Leyte, and have given livelihood projects to women and others from disaster-hit areas. They're present everywhere help is needed. They do a lot of rescue, relief, rehab, medical, and livelihood stuff.

What do I find out? Tisha Cruz Bautista, painted as a gold digging wife by the Yellows, actually started, founded, and runs Angel Brigade.

And that is why, my friends, I sought to find out more about this extraordinary woman who cannot be cowed by the Yellows and would not be impressed by money.

Tisha Cruz is the daughter of a socialite, and when we say socialite we don't mean those minor, self appointed, shallow women who think owning expensive bags (hello, Nova) automatically earn you cred as a true-blue social goddess. Her mother is one of those original doyennes of the social set.

Tisha is smart. She has written two books for Summit Media on finding--and keeping--good helpers. She has given talks for many companies. And as the director of the ISDANCO FOUNDATION, Tisha focused on alternative education, and she set up this TESDA- registered Center for Aesthetic Studies, in which she helps marginalized women learn the trade of cosmetology so they can better their lives. Tisha's family owns a chain of super chichi salons, one of which used to be situated at a five star hotel. Yung mahal na mahal na papasok ka palang, mag stra straight na yung buhok mo sa presyo.

And then she set up the Angel Brigade, which over the years has grown to include 1,000 volunteers--volunteers who will tell you about the spirit and strength and heart of this woman. I've attached some screencaps, testimonies shared by volunteers and some of Tisha's accomplishments.

Tisha is, I hear from another source, also (forgive the term) New Agey. She reportedly has a third eye (saw it in an article and a friend who knows her also attests to that), believes in crystals and angels. I don't know about you, but women on that plane of mindfulness and existence aren't the kind to be excited by money and Hermes bags.

The Yellows will feed you the bullshit that either Tisha is a stupid, good for nothing trophy wife who can't stand on her own two feet, or a gold digging bitch who can't stand on her own two feet.

It takes special guts to do what Tisha did today--to possibly alienate her own friends and family just so she could seek justice. Damn her motivation (good old revenge or heartfelt altruism, we don't know), but the thing is, thanks to the nature of the job of Andy, this is not a domestic problem but a national one. So before you pigeonhole Tisha, do read more about her work.

Yellows, sorry to burst your bubble, but this lady has more class and strength and heart in her pinky finger than ALL your LP women combined. And she may be the loose thread that unravels the carefully woven together tapestry of lies that is the House of LP.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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