Humanist entrepreneur reveals supposed conspiracy to oust Commissioner Faeldon
Today, our dear Philippines is faced with chaotic troubles; war on Marawi, corruption and suppressing illegal drug traders.

According to recent news, over 6 billion worth of drug shipment from China was leaked to the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Amid calls from some lawmakers for Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon's resignation, he is still up and staying in his position.

Several lawmakers could not hide their annoyance as they investigated the alleged involvement of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in the said shipment of shabu.

This issue drew mixed reactions from citizens and that other conclude that it is an evil move of culprits to remove Faeldon in BOC. Award-winning essayist and humanist entrepreneur, Eric Clark Su, posted on his Facebook the alleged conspiracy to remove Faeldon from Customs.

Check out below:


1. Chinese smugglers and drug traders (CULPRITS) are getting hit by Faeldon's reforms at BOC. Losing over BILLIONS every month.

2. Culprits pay off a bunch of corrupt BOC personnels and officials (still so many there) of a plan to smuggle drugs. A big one so it’s astounding!

3. "Tip off" authorities. 

4. Pay off congressmen to act fast and bring it to a conclusion that Faeldon resigns.

5. Pay off a PR firm to have an angle on Faeldon and have some journalists and socmed groups seed the channels.

6. Hope Pro-Duterte groups echo it and spread it. Making the clamor to have him removed be deafening.

7. Senators and other lawmakers get sucked into a crowd mentality and pile on. Not knowing its all orchestrated.

8. PRRD is convinced and fires Faeldon or Faeldon quits in frustration.

9. Influence the next likely candidate. And put him in your pocket before he gets appointed.

10. Culprits profit again.”

If there`s acquiescence, there`s conspiracy. And if there`s exaggeration, there is deception. Faeldon might be an obstacle to some culprits' smuggling operation thus, they will make sure to remove him from office so their business will work as smooth-sailing.

Source/s: Eric Clark Su, CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN News

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