Davaoeña slams 'yellows': '16 million will defend President Duterte against you'
Senators who are members of the opposition
As news of several police operations involving casualties are circulating, a Davao citizen gave her piece on the matter through her Facebook account on Wednesday, adding a message to the Liberal Party defending President Rodrigo Duterte who has been the subject of criticisms for the country’s status quo.

Pamela Saavedra compared a drug-infected Philippines to several places and situations abroad, from the wars in Somalia to fictional situations such as the crime-stricken Gotham City.

She said that people are fond of immersing themselves in alternate realities to find a sense of justice, but in reality, life is "nasty".

Through the post, she asked the readers to imagine themselves being a sixteen year old from a humble family who was raped from her way to school.

Pamela Saavedra, photo from Facebook

"Crimes like this can happen to anyone at anytime. You learn that the root of the problem is not just the criminal, but also the pusher, the drug lord, and can even be traced to the Mayor and his daughter who constantly flaunts her newly bought Hermes bags."

She said that the drug problem of the country has become so uncontrollable  that news about infants being raped by their uncles have become so common.

Saavdra said that even justice is unattainable as the members of the judiciary are also being manipulated by the drug cartel.

"But perhaps it was divine intervention that just two years ago, a loud noise echoed throughout the nation. People started begging for this man from the south to run for the highest seat of the land. A living, real-life Punisher who is feared by the criminals in his own city. Suddenly, there was hope. We had to put this man in power," she said referring to now President Rodrigo Duterte.

The netizen also hit the Liberal Party members, by saying that the problem was caused by the neglect of the administration of two Aquino presidents.

"You had your time, 30 years in power, two presidencies and what have you done to our beloved motherland? "Malayo napo ang ating narating. Patuloy po nating tahakin ang Daang Matuwid." That is how you brainwashed the people. You had no idea what was going on because you were in the comfort of your gated communities while we, here in the bottom, are fighting for our lives everyday," she said.

Saavedra said that should an ouster or a coup be executed against Duterte, she among the 16 million who voted him will come to his defense.

"You tell him to stop the killings? Stop the war on drugs? No. You don't deal with him. You deal with us. It's not him who placed himself in that seat of power. It's us! Give us that drama again, that mock sympathy and let's see who believes in that shit," Saavedra said.

Source: Pamela Saavedra

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Davaoeña slams 'yellows': '16 million will defend President Duterte against you' Davaoeña slams 'yellows': '16 million will defend President Duterte against you' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 August Rating: 5

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