Daughter of ex-trial justice: 'The focus should be on Andres Bautista, not Tisha's personal life'
The controversy of COMELEC chairman Andres Bautista and his alleged 'ill-gotten wealth' is not yet over. In fact, the story of these estranged couple is getting more contentious.

Several revelations have came out involving Mr. and Mrs Bautista after the wife exposed alleged scandals of her husband.

This dissension drew mixed reactions from concerned citizens; some are favorable to the wife's allegations and some are agreeable to the husband's counter statements.

Filipina doctor and daughter of ex-trial justice and former COMELEC Commissioner, Lorraine Marie Badoy, expressed her support to Tisha Bautista.

Badoy said that the focus should be on Andres Bautista and that personal life of Tisha has nothing to do with the issue.

This is just a distraction so the real issue will be diverted, according to Badoy.

Check out her full post below:

The Unseen Hand is working double, triple time.

I can practically see it having a full on temper tantrum, its hair on fire for the horrific rot that the brave and beautiful Tish Bautista brought into the light for the whole world to not just look at but scrutinize in its minutiae to see just how much the Filipino people has been screwed over.

And I can sense that it will be all systems go for this Unseen Hand. That no expense will be spared, no strategy overlooked and no lie left untold to cover up the other million and one lies they’ve foisted on the Filipino people since god knows when.

The consequences to them failing to put a lid on this are too far reaching, too damning for them.

And the main target will be none other than that brave, intelligent, articulate woman, Tish Bautista—she of the flawless skin and elegant demeanor who, unfortunately for them, comes across as sincere and classy.

So here are a few guidelines to help you sniff out the Unseen Hand:

1. Tish Bautista’s personal life is none of our business. Anytime anyone mentions anything about Tisha’s failed marriage, her kids, men she’s supposed to have fallen in love with, blah blah blah--turn around and turn it off. That’s the Unseen Hand at work right there, trying its best to distract you.

2. Tish Bautista’s character is not the story here. She may be the most conniving, greedy beeyatch out to wring every centavo from her ex hubby and she may have slept with every Tom Dick and Harry and she may be the lousiest mother on earth and she may have shaved the heads of her Barbies as a child, poisoned her cat and skinned her dog alive,—and yet, that’s NOT what we’re talking about here.
Also, she is NONE of that.

3. Doesn’t matter how rich Andy Bautista is. Stop huffing and puffing your chest, Andy. And can you kindly tell your relatives to stop huffing and puffing their chests about how truly rich your family is. Susmeh. Rolling of eyeballs. Yuh-bhung.

4. The President is not part of this story. Sure, Tish had the good sense to run to him. But for once, our man is not the main story here. He, in fact, stepped back, kept a respectful distance and offered Tish what he’d offer anyone who came to him with such a revelation.

5. Tish Bautista went to the President. It wasn’t the President who sought her out. This clear?
And if he acted like a counsellor, that’s just Rody Duterte being Rody Duterte. You can ask any Davaoena and she’ll tell you how the Mayor is the go-to for anything and anyone—feuding couples included.

6. Bongbong Marcos has nothing to do with this. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Ibang usapin yan. Pang-distract lang yan.

Here’s what we should be focusing on:

None other than those 32 passbooks on the table.

Andy Bautista owes us 32 explanations, one for each of those passbooks. And that’s just for starters.

Then he has to explain to us his alleged dealings with Smartmatic and for which he earned commissions. All these in black and white documents.

COMELEC Commissioner Andres Bautista OWES us a CRYSTAL CLEAR explanation to THAT. Did he really make money off Smarmatic—the company that was in charge of our elections? Did he really use his position as COMELEC Chair to enrich himself further?

COMELEC Commissioner Andres Bautista OWES us not only a SPARKLINGLY CLEAR explanation to that but nothing less than THE TRUTH.

And here is the central question that the COMELEC Chair has to answer:


If so, by how much?

Who, now sits in power but shouldn’t?

Is Leni Robredo a fake VP as most of you have called her? I, myself, have never called her this because no matter how she galls me, in my mind, if she is truly the people’s choice for VP, then the people’s Voice has to be heard.

Were Mar Roxas’ votes padded? By how much?

Who else, among the Senators and Representatives did the COMELEC Chair favor so that they now walk the hallowed halls of Senate and Congress?

Here’s the Central Question we must all keep in mind –the Question the Unseen Hand does not want you to ask because the unravelling of their Evil Machinery will be swift and unforgiving:



THAT’S what we ought to be focusing on.

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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