Veteran Sniper fulfilled his wish to his fallen buddy: 'Nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare’
In the name of his fallen buddy, a veteran sniper, he opted to be called Black Eagle, dedicates kill to give honor to the death of his comrade. Although accomplishing their duty as soldiers is purely their job, this veteran sniper seeks justice for every soldier killed in Marawi City.

GMA News featured this veteran sniper for his pledge to his fallen buddy. Black Eagle does not want his identity  be publicized but he wanted everyone to know about their life as a soldier because it is the only thing that he can do to give honor to his friend’s death while battling in Marawi.

Black Eagle said that he’s used to killing, without a sense of guilt.  "Sanay na akong pumatay," he said.  However, killing the terrorists mean a lot to him and it has become his decree and personal mission.

Technical Sergeant Marine Aldrin Dinglasan died in Brgy. Mapandi during the beginning of the chaos in Marawi City. TSgt. Dinglasan’s cause of death came from a sniper of the Maute Group.

Recalling their conversations, TSgt. Dinglasan told Black Eagle before they were deployed that if TSgt. Dinglasan got killed by the enemies, Black Eagle should do everything to neutralize the enemies. "'Pag namatay ako sa Marawi sundan mo ako, ibawi mo ako," Black Eagle recalled TSgt. Dinglasan saying.

Black Eagle is a sniper instructor and was tapped to assist for the ground troops in Marawi after  TSgt. Dinglasan died in the battle. TSgt. Dinglasan is also a godfather to Black Eagle’s eldest.

Jun Veneracion stated that he talked to Black Eagle over the wire while sniper shots play in the background. “Black Eagle claims four confirmed kills so remembers every detail of the first one because it was the promise he had made to his friend,” Veneracion said.

Black Eagle said he was located in some high structures in the Marawi business districts trying to get a better position to neutralize the target from among the Mautes. Black Eagle had a chance to shoot a sniper from the Maute Group. "Hit!" said the spotter beside him. "Ang sabi ng tropa, yung nadale ko - yun yung (Maute sniper) na nakapatay sa kumpare ko. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare," Black Eagle said.

Black Eagle kept and fulfilled his solemn promise he made to his buddy. Black Eagles was still on his mission to assist the troops so that the freedom of the Marawi City will regain.

Source: GMA News

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Veteran Sniper fulfilled his wish to his fallen buddy: 'Nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare’ Veteran Sniper fulfilled his wish to his fallen buddy: 'Nakaisa na ako para sa iyo, pare’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 26 July Rating: 5

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