Why was Duterte absent during the 119th Independence Day Celebration?
When PRRD wasn’t present during the 119th Independence Day Commemoration, they (yellow blooded critics) asked PRRD’s party on where on earth PRRD was? Even Trillanes assumed that PRRD wasn’t able to wake up from a deep sleep, attacking again his most favorite protagonist.

Serafin Ledesma Jr., a writer from Asian Policy Press, stated that PRRD was all over the war zone, visiting the injured soldiers, the fallen ones who fought against the terrorists and PRRD stayed their grieving families; that PRRD gave VP Leni Robredo the privilege to lead the flag raising ceremony last June 12, 2017.

Ledesma also stated that PRRD’s critics airs denigration against PRRD for absenting himself in that certain formal event, everybody should understand that PRRD needs to rest. “That 72-year old body should rest even as he is a night owl. He is facing enemies from all corners-Maute/ISIS and political oppositions who are all praises for what the former are fighting for.”

Ledesma also said that the problem with PRRD’s critics is that they always compare PRRD to former President Noynoy Aquino.

Ledesma stated the actions of the two presidents when it comes to formal events and when the  country  was facing something catastrophic.

That PNoy has ordered 300 PNP SAF to arrest Marwan without proper coordination with the government troops Mamasapano, and while PNoy was in a 100 miles safer from Zamboanga. That order lead to the death of the #Fallen44, remember?

That PNoy did not attend during the arrival of the fallen soldiers yet he was able to attend the blessing of the famous motor company, and worse, as he attended the necrological services, he was even smiling. Ledesma also said that PNoy NEVER MISSED formal ceremonies, especially the flag raising in Luneta.

What about PRRD? Where is he?

He visits the soldiers in the battle zone, he visits the injured and gave them military compliments. He even grieved with the bereaved families of the fallen ones and stays up all night in the wake to sympathize wiith the families of these soldiers, while some sleep comfortably, plotting the next plan to attack the 72 year old president.

What about you, dear readers, do you want President Duterte to act like Pnoy, huh?

Source: Asian Policy Press

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