Why Duterte is the people’s president? He will not choose pleasantries over public outrage
The opposition never failed to criticize every action, words spoken and the administrative solutions the president was enacting to resolve the serious problems on illegal drugs, corruption, criminality and endless terrorist operations in the country. While the president regains his strength, he never abandoned his duty to the country. Still, he directs the top brass of the military on the next action they will undertake.

Another Duterte Defender Rocky Gonzales said that President Duterte never left his responsibilities as the head of this nation just to attend fancy and formal events. Gonzales also cited the failures of the past administration and some chaos which was associated with the same party who constantly beat up the president through propagandas and false accusations. Examples of such were the hostage taking at the Quirino grandstand, the Mamasapano tragedy, the Yolanda Funds mismanagement, the most celebrated PDAF scam and the president’s pork which is the DAP .

He also added that this party covered up those immense failures through good publicity and political gimmicks. Gonzales added that these problems were well hid on public’s scrutiny and covered up through festivities.

“Duterte will not choose pleasantries over public outrage.” Gonzales stated that the president will never chose comfort over his duty; that he was the first president to attend the needs of the distressed rather than being in some political party.   He also said that Duterte is not Aquino who made himself available over conglomerate’s ceremonial events, but Duterte was there to pay respects to the fallen heroes of Marawi.

Gonzales also said that Duterte never jeopardize his duties to the ordinary citizens and soldiers even though he might be found guilty of ignoring the oligarchs.

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In the aftermath of an Independence Day fraught with battles, physical, political and ideological, the Yellows particularly Leah Navarro, Vicky Garchitorena as well as their failed trumpeters Raissa Robles and Maria Ressa are frothing in the mouth. Duterte did not do his duty to party.

The symbolic flag ceremony and vin d'honneur are the events of the season. Stringent guest lists, impeccable couture outfits, and meticulously curated food and baubles must be observed. This is no laughing matter nor matter to take lightly... for them. A political party that is about appearances, images, falseties and niceties can never fail to keep up its pretensions. Their epic failures in two administrations whose histories are heavily dotted and posterized with massacres and corruption are yellow washed with their publicity gimmicks and events. They believe that their fetes and soirees can mask the stench of:

1) Manila Hostage
2) Mamasapano #SAF44
3) Al Barka
4) Kidapawan #bigashindibala
5) Zamboanga Siege
6) Hacienda Luisita massacre
7) Hacienda Luisita slavery
8) MRT degradation
9) Tanim-bala
10) License plate controversy
11) License card controversy
12) Loss of Spratlys
13) Yolanda mishandling
14) Yolanda funds
15) CJ Corona's abuse
16) PDAF scam
17) DAP scam
18) PNoy's presidential pork
19) LP using govt funds for campaigns
20) Mendiola Massacre

And this is by no means an exhaustive list of the tragedies that the oligarchy and LP saw fit to party over instead of address. All these were forcibly pushed out of sight and mind in favor of festivals and festivities. But not in the age of Duterte.

Duterte will not choose pleasantries over public outrage. He will never choose wine over weeping. He is always with the pained and dejected. He is first a president to the needy than the political party goers. He chooses the glum and morose over the glamorous. He stands where he is needed not where he is just wanted. His duty is first and foremost about the needs of the country to be able to be a strong, independent and sovereign state where every Filipino can stand in front of the flag with their hand proudly on their chest and not just a few.

Duterte is not Aquino who will choose ribbon cuttings and weddings over welcoming the remains if our brave and gallant fallen heroes. He will never be a Leni saluting to a flag she could not defend when Yolanda survivors needed housing. He is not the Liberal Party who will manipulate the legislature and judiciary using unconstitutional funds to remove his political enemies. He will not cheat nor steal nor party instead of being on the ground where he is needed.

So, everytime there is a conflict between his duty to ordinary citizens and fallen soldiers, and duty to the oligarchy, rest assured that Duterte will falter in one. He will always be guilty of dereliction of duty to party with the oligarchy.

This is why he is the people's president. This is why the oligarchs hate him. And this is why the majority love him.

Source: Rocky Gonzales

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