UK political analyst reveals 5 things Duterte must do ‘to crush’ the ISIS in the Philippines

"Rodrigo Duterte must continue along his current path. Thus far, his decisions have been correct and he must now build on them every further." —Adam Garrie

Since the takeover of ISIS in Marawi, the government has been exerting efforts to eliminate the terrorist group in Marawi.

Political Analyst Adam Garrie from United Kingdom cited in  his article in 'The Duran' 5 things that might ‘crush’ the said terrorist group in the Southern Philippines.

Naval Blockade. “It is crucial for the Phil. Navy to instigate a naval blockade of Mindanao in order to be certain that no ISIS reinforcements can arrive from the neighboring countries.”

Garrie said that the Philippines have a benefit of combating the ISIS in an island like Mindanao rather than in a desert. The topography of the desert countries like Syria can be easily entered by these countries to slip fighters.

He further added that ISIS must be totally isolated from the waters of Mindanao and a naval operations is needed while having a warfare in the land.

China. President Duterte has been considering a relationship with China considering that it is one of the Superpower countries and is the closest to the Philippines. The Chinese navy have a very sophisticated in national defense can help the Philippines in naval blockade by patrolling the water routs where the terrorist tries to enter.

The Philippines’ cooperation with China will ‘assert China’s further leadership over the region and will be cooperate in eliminating the ISIS in the region.

Russia. Garrie said that Russia can assist the Philippines. Duterte had a positive meeting with Putin before cutting his trip to face the problem with the ISIS. Alliance of Moscow and Manila will benefit them both, according to Garrie.

“A combination o a Chinese naval assistance with the delivery of the ultra modern Russian weapons to the Philippines would represent an invaluable contribution to the necessary fight.”

Build a Broad Coalition. Garrie describes Duterte as “a man who represents law and order of traditional conservatism.” As soon as the war ends, he said that Duterte should ‘purify’ Philippine politics. Doing this requires allies to support him.

Take No Heed of Western Sentiments. According to Garrie, the west contributed a lot in Syria’s devastation. Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia were able to get away with their crimes, thanks (but no thanks) to the west. The fight with ISIS will send a clear message to the west, asserting the independent foreign policy of Duterte.

Remarkably, ‘the US which has a significant military presence in Philippines is doing next to nothing to help a supposed ally in need.’

Philippines can have a fairer relationship with US, as both Duterte and Trump established a good personal relationship.  While being friends with US, the Philippines can also have ties with the Russian Federation.

Garrie asserted that these steps can defeat ISIS and also can build a ‘lasting coalition of respectful partners’ in Asia and in the world.

Source: The Duran

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