The First Ever Rock N Roll Stage for Fete de la Musique Philippines 2017
You would think that a genre as popular and as prominent as Rock N Roll will always have a place in festival even a stage of it’s on. Rock N Roll has given birth to different variations of music like metal and hard rock. And yet it has been pushed in the back ground back into the underground together with other related and pioneering music like Blues, Thrash Metal or Grunge even Hip Hop. So where have they gone?

In 2016 I found myself watching band after band after band, Production after Production after production and mostly you would find yourself in the middle of some sort of Pop Rock Alternative Eccentric type of music sometimes its rock disco of some kind, or a bit of Metal-Pop Hybrid the 2000’s were very fond of, sometimes it may even be all “Paramore” type of bands. So where is my Rock N Roll and hard Rock? Where is the bad boy genre who started it all? After scanning a few stations I noticed a certain changes. “Band Music” was back on the Radio but Rock N Roll was still missing, after a few more weeks of listening Classic Metal and Punk music started coming out.

Enjoying myself I realized maybe there is hope yet. Until I encountered a very unique announcement. “Fete de la Musique: Rock N Roll stage”. I have always been a fan of this festival but for the past few years besides a few underground bands and a couple of Solid Rock bands that are industry established I didn’t really felt it was the same festival I use to go to. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I patiently waited for the line-up for this Rock N’ Roll stage. And in the mean time I have also been watching other stages closely in the hopes that they might excite an enthusiast such as myself. While waiting I started asking friends and began doing my YouTube and Facebook research. Besides a couple of great recommendations I also found handful of Rock N Roll / Hard Rock acts I actually liked. As the announcements of bands started unravelling, coincidentally 2 to 3 of these acts I already started following. I wish some more of my picks were all in it but of course that would be long shot.

Buzz started building around 2 Stages. One is the Rock Stage and the other is the Rock N Roll Stage. Internet wise they were making the most nose. Personally I was just happy that Rock N Roll is making a sort of comeback. Until announcement for the main acts came in. Rock N Roll Stage got Razorback and Kjwan. Complimented with the few bands I’ve been following I couldn’t wait to get these bands in one show.

Having my personal underground picks in mind plus Razorback and Kjwan makes me imagine how wild and dynamic that night will be. Everyone knows that Razorback and Kjwan puts on a show. What I’m excited to see is how some of these underground greats will match up. And in case they do you guys should expect the return of Rock N Roll. That in itself is the most exciting thought I have to date about Rock N Roll stage of this years the Fete de la Musique. So my curiosity is “ALL IN” Fete de la Musique. So I guess I will be seeing you on June 17. ROCK N ROLL STAGE will be rocking The Roadhouse Manila Bay. Most shows start at 3am in the afternoon! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!

Check out below:

The First Ever Rock N Roll Stage for Fete de la Musique Philippines 2017

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The First Ever Rock N Roll Stage for Fete de la Musique Philippines 2017 The First Ever Rock N Roll Stage for Fete de la Musique Philippines 2017 Reviewed by Kristian S. on 16 June Rating: 5

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