Veteran scout ranger says our democracy is a ‘fake democracy’
Abe Purugganan, a national defense specialist and a veteran scout ranger, shared the post of Former Presidential Assistant for Economic Afairs Mr. Jose Alejandrino, regarding his conversation with his friend on the Phiippine democracy, the martial law a la Duterte and the LP conspiracy.

Alejandrino narrated that his friend asked him over a phone call if he supports another “Marcos like” Martial law under PRRD, and raise a spontaneous query if Alejandrino was in opposition to democracy.

Alejandrino replied, “Democracy? What democracy?” He further said that what we have right now is a deception played by the oligarchs who controls the politics. Alejandrino further stated that it is the ‘rule by the few.’ Alejandrino meant that our system was being controlled by the few oligarchs, dictating the puppet politicians on what to do.

Alejandrino also enumerated the things that made our democracy a mockery like the fraudulent manipulated elections, wherein COMELEC didn’t declared failure of elections because they were part of a big conspiracy being played by the LP; that the real democracy is to allow marginalized sectors to participate in the decision making; that until the oligarchs will continue to dictate the political system, the gap between the rich and the poor will geometrically increase.


Purugganan seconded Alejandrino’s statement that the Philippine democracy is for the rich. That our democracy has gone crazy. The oligarchs continue to control and dictate the political system of the Philippines.

Purugganan further enjoins everyone to support the Philippine government from these kinds of people and set up a government that is not being influenced by one and another oligarch, a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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Our demoracy is a fake democracy. It is a democracy gone crazy. It is the dictatorship of the political elite and the oligarchy in the guise of democracy where our constitution, our system of government, and democratic institutions are exploited, manipulated, influenced, and controlled by them for their own selfish interest. Period.

That is why we should rise up to get back our government from these people and institute a government that is representative of the true sovereign will of the Filipino People. We need to restore a government truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Let us put an end to a system that is of, by, and for the political elite and oligarchy -the Aquino's and their minions ,the Liberal party, and their political and economic allies.

By Jose Alejandrino

I received a call from a friend who asked me, "Joe, you're supporting another Marcos martial law. Are you against democracy?"

I answered him, "Democracy? What democracy? What we have is a sham practiced by oligarchs who dominated the political system for so long. It's rule by a few. What democracy? Our elections are fraudulent manipulated by oligarchs who control political parties and the mainstream media. After the last elections, I asked Comelec to declare failed elections for the VP and senators and to call for new elections. What did Comelec do? Nothing, because it was part of the LP conspiracy. I'm for democracy but a real one. That is why I'm for constitutional change. To allow marginalized sectors a greater participation in the national decision-making process. The presidential system we have favors those who have money. That is why I want a parliamentary system which is less costly for candidates. Until you have that, the oligarchs, the rich, will continue to dominate the system. The rich get richer in power, the poor get poorer. A strong democracy requires a strong middle class. How do you develop a strong middle class when the bridge between rich and poor keeps widening?"

He couldn't answer.

Source: Abe Purugganan

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