Famous blogger says Liberal Party is going down because of their own actions
In Krizette Chu’s recent post, she said that democracy is truly achieved when there is a ‘working and credible’ opposition because the opposition was there to guarantee that there’s a check and balance in running the government.

“ I was really counting on Risa Hontiveros,” Chu stated in her post, and she expected Hontiveros to be the reasonable person on the opposition, but then she was swept by the system, as Chu said, “she has become a joke, as in people now reduced her as a punchline.” Hontiveros’ stand on Maute’s reflects on how she wanted to bring down Duterte’s government.

She also expressed her dismay for Hontiveros because the senator was ‘eaten by the rotten system’ and she became a “trapo”. Before changing her allies, Hontiveros was such an idealist, but she lost her dignity as a public servant, Liberal Party ‘happened’.

Chu also cited Leni Robredo as ignorant, malicious and a duplicitous person, and she also refused to release her FOI; Leila de Lima as mother of druglords; and Trillanes and Alejano as mercenaries. Chu also said that Bam Aquino was just a little boy dressing up (if you see him you should know what Miss Chu meant) and for Drilon, the senior among the trapos, who she termed as the most useless politician.

Francis Pangilinan has done nothing significant for the agricultural sector. Also, Chu mentioned Manny Pinol as a novice in government.

Chu can’t get enough with what Hontiveros has been babbling about the Maute and her lack of knowledge on the Constitution, and with that, she became the butt of all the jokes. Too bad because Chu really counted on Hontiveros to be the most credible and reasonable opposition.

“I think the House of LP is ready to tumbling down, and the ironic thing is, they did this to themselves without any help of Duterte.”

Check out full post below of Krizette Laureta Chu:

The essence of a true democracy is a working--and credible--opposition. Without opposition to the government, there will be no checks and balance.

I was really counting on Risa Hontiveros to be the only reasonable voice of opposition, but she has become a joke, as in people have now reduced her as a punchline. Her recent statements on Maute, terrorism and rebellion are worrying in that you see Risa has stopped to see reason, obsessed only with bringing down this government. Ganon sila lahat sa LP, and yet they call us the tards.

Sayang si Risa, kinain ng sistemang bulok . In 2008 I had a chance to visit her home in Quezon City for a story. She had a modest but beautiful home. She loved arts and had paintings in her home and an unattended garden, which her mother landscaped but which she neglected because she had no time. She was three years widowed, her husband, a police man, had died from heart attack leaving her with four children to take care of. She was an Akbayan rep then, and she was a single mother working to be both mother and father to her kids. Her fight and advocacies were clear then: Reproductive rights, etc.

Now Risa, having owed her win to the LP, has become trapo. She has become the person I think she used to hate back when she was an idealistic lawmaker--giving concessions, kowtowing to her party, mema. Sana di nalang siya lumipat ng partido, nawalan siya ng dignidad.

There is no credible opposition to the government right now. None.

Leni is ignorant, malicious, duplicitous, and wouldn't even release her FOI.

Leila de Lima is apparently the mother of all drug lords.

Alejano and Trillanes are reportedly mercenaries. Pasalamat si Alejano nakilala siya, pero HU U siya talaga.

Bam Aquino, well, nobody takes Bam Aquino seriously. He is like a little boy playing dress up, which is both his strength and his weakness. Strength because he could be planning the takedown of this government, and we would just be pooh-poohing him and say, "Sus di niya kaya, kahit pa yung costume niya P500 bill." And it's always dangerous to underestimate the enemy.

Drilon is the most trapo of them all. When I think trapo, when I think most useless politician to have ever lived and committed many sins against society and yet has managed to elude investigation, I think of Drilon and how savvy he has been, flying under the radar like that.

Kiko Pangilinan has no credibility, and has done nothing amazing for Agriculture. Manny Pinol makes him look like a bumbling first grader.

It was Risa who I think had a fighting chance to be the most reasonable voice, and now with statements on Maute and with her clear ignorance of the Constitution, she had made herself a laughingstock. Incredulity, thy name is LP.

I think the House of the LP is ready to come tumbling down, and the ironic thing is, they did this to themselves without any help from Duterte.

Source: Krizette Chu

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