Int'l political commentator slams Trillanes: "Stop pretending you are clean, your hands are very dirty"
Canadian Political Scientist Amir Assadollahi slams Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV in his open letter for constantly bashing the President and playing a part on the demolition plot to destroy the President. He described the senator as ‘a little man wanting to escape prison.’

Assadollahi expressed his disgust on Trillanes, saying that there is no significant thing the senator except for switching off somebody else’s microphone and joining the infamous failed Oakwood Mutiny. He also stated that Trillanes was associated with the group that steals public money. He further describes Trillanes as double faced person that switches on different sides that will give him protection and benefit. He warned Trillanes because the charges put up to Senator De lima might be linked to him.

“I am so interested to find out the relation between you and your corrupt and criminal friends to lawlessness acts in the Philippines, the money trails, the weapon trails, the drug trail, and let’s not forget certain terror acts,” said Assadollahi but he cleared out that he’s not implying anything but it pays to trace the aforementioned incidents to see where this leads.

Assadollahi warned Trillanes to ‘come clean’ and stop his babbling against the President. He said that Trillanes may see himself as a big fish but Assadollahi powerfully says that he’s just an errand boy doing all the dirty works for the ‘bosses’. His loyalty was for the few who gave him some benefit and in return he has to do everything they say. He compared Trillanes to a canine that can be pleased with just a big bone and be delighted with a simple belly scratch.

Assadollahi said that Trillanes’ career and personal life resume is full of ‘stinky things’. He further advised the senator to help the Philippines to attain peace and order.

"You are not that important person, but your hands are very dirty."
Senator Trillanes was just pone in the battle of Kings, but his he was handful of dirty business and crimes. Assadollahi said that what Trillanes together with the corrupt parties, with the help of the oligarchs and media is making a bad reputation for the Philippines in the global setting.

Assadollahi thought that Trillanes recklessly left the trail, making him to be a suspicious individual who was allegedly having a participation in corrupt practices and involved in lawlessness plot.

Assadollahi stated that there were ‘trails’ that Trillanes left for him to be linked with the lawlessness, murder and the missing weapons. He advised Trillanes to stop those make-believe tactics he has.

“So, stop pretending that you are clean, because you are not, and everyone can see the dirt on you that you carelessly put on yourself.”

It seemed that Trillanes was so busy to destabilize the President not minding to clear his own trail, leaving no evidences so that he may claim that he’s clean, after all.

Source: Amir Assadollahi

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Int'l political commentator slams Trillanes: "Stop pretending you are clean, your hands are very dirty" Int'l political commentator slams Trillanes: "Stop pretending you are clean, your hands are very dirty" Reviewed by Kristian S. on 04 June Rating: 5

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