International political analyst: 'Without Martial Law PH will be like another Syria'
Canadian Political Analyst Amir Assadollahi stated his opinion that if the Philippines did not implemented Martial Law, we would see this nation ten times the casualties than what is happening now.

As this moment the rebellion sparked in only one place but Assadollahi advised the citizenry to be vigilant and to report immediately to the authority if there is any suspicious activity or people because any lawless elements like criminals, drug dealers and corrupt official might send support to the terrorists to sabotage government reforms that hindered their operations and enjoyed lawlessness during the past administrations.

He also mentioned Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These countries failed because of the media’s irresponsible reporting, corruption of officials, division among its people and the meddling superpower nations.

“If you don’t want the Philippines to turn into another Syria, please support martial law and cooperate with the government to find the terrorists and criminals. Be advised that some corporate media outlets are not reporting the real important news  facts, and manipulating the news for their own agenda and for increasing their sales and popularity. ”

Assadollahi said the terrorism, criminality, drug syndicates, narco-politics, corruptions are real facts but the media was playing it and manipulate it to fabricate news or create a different viewpoint about the situation in the Philippines.

Assadollahi said that most Filipinos wanted the government to address the problems of this country, but there are  some powerful corrupt and criminals that encourages some parties to oppose the government reforms in order to bring back the law and order in this country, to boost the economy and build up peace and security.

But these actions of the government according to Assadollahi are “against  the interests of the powerful criminals and corrupt individuals. He enumerated that those affected by the government reforms have political and business influence globally and some “have control over some mainstream corporate media outlets.

Source: Amir Assadollahi

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International political analyst: 'Without Martial Law, PH will be like another Syria' International political analyst: 'Without Martial Law, PH will be like another Syria' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 01 June Rating: 5

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