MUST WATCH! This video will show how the United States created ISIS
A video was shared by the Phimsa Alumni Association, a nonprofit organization that assists Muslim youths and students’ organization stating a theory that connects US to the ISIS.

In the said video, the host exposed vital facts that would link ISIS to the US Government.

1. That the US government armed Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and created Al-Qaeda.
2. That the US government supplied Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons to use against Iran in 1980 and overthrew in 2003.
3. That the US government trained rebel fighters in Syria, know as ISIS today.

The host also answered intriguing questions like where the ISIS group came from does and who created them.

In the video, the said ISIS group was allegedly an “entirely a creation of the United States in Iraq.” ISIS was once a small rebellious group based in Iraq in 2006. By that time the group has no money, no machinery to recruit and cause limited problems to the US military.

According to the video, a very crucial moment occurred when Syrian general made a plea for international help and as a response, the US Saudi, Jordan Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, money training for the so called rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The host once asked Former President Obama why US was funding the rebels. Obama replied, “we will provide non lethal assistance to Syrian Opposition Leadership that are committed to a critical transition committed to the observance of Human Rights.”

The video narrated that on September 2013, American news agencies CNN and the Washington Post reported the CIA-funded weapons begun flowing to Syrian Rebels. The weaponry was termed as light weapons anti tank weapons and ammunitions. The US insisted that the weapons would be used by freedom fighters.

Another intriguing query is that where does the ISIS fighters came from. The host in the video courageously exposed that they came from the FSA, the group that will assist the US to oust  Bashar al-Assad; the same group that provides weapons sending fighters in the new group called the Islamic State or ISIS.

The video also exposed that on June 2014, the group ISIS gained power, armed with powerful weapons and trained by the US and coalition special forces.

“One of the most important facts that mainstream media ignores time and time again is that ISIS grew rapidly because of the US Military Equipment that they were able to seize. Even if the US government knew that the ISIS were getting the equipment US did nothing, why?”

The host stated that the US government acted like they never knew about ISIS. But the media exposed it and turned the Islamic State into a powerful terror group.

Now that ISIS continues to dominate the world, recruitments rocketed, and the group gained more money.

“ISIS is the best funded terrorist group in the world making $2 million a day,” the voice over narrated.

Another question the host asked is that “Why are we sending new and powerful weapons to the FSA and anti aircraft weapons  that we know  will end up in the hands of ISIS?  ISIS is going to have anti craft missiles from the US and the Saudis.  They can shoot passenger planes. There are so many questions that we could ask,” the host said.

He then figured out two assumptions that will give light on ISIS’ caliphate. According to him, it is not the inaction of the US and UK that strengthened the ISIS. They are the product of the direct action.
1. The action of creating a power vacuum in Iraq.
2. Secondly, arming violent jihadists hoping they would overthrow the leader in the neighboring Middle Eastern country.

The man in the video ended the clip by saying that “It’s time that we reject  destruction of people groups around the world for the sake of foreign policy that makes so-called defense contractors  rich and perpetuates violence death and destruction  of the entire people groups, because humanity is greater than politics, money and war.”

Watch video below:

Source: Phimsa Alumni

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