Here's why BBC's Stephen Sackur knows PH situation more than Trillanes
Krizzete Laureta Chu, posted in her Facebook timeline the video of which Stephen Sackur conducted an in depth observation and interviewed significant people and the grassroots about the emerging issues in the Philippines.

Stephen Sackur visited the country last 2015 to feature the Philippines in his current events program HARDTalk. In the featured video, he pointed out the effects of the demographics to the economic status of the country. He said the Philippines is one of the Asia's fastest growing economy.

Sackur was able to see the side of growing opportunity in Business Process outsourcing or call-center services in layman’s term. While the same services were considered to be a low prestige job in US and UK, here in the Philippines, Sackur found out that BPO is one of the high paying jobs in the country. Sackur described Metro Manila as a provider of stable jobs because of the BPO industry and hailed the Philippines as the call center capital of the world.

Sackur saw that the economic growth provided by the BPOs cannot keep up with the growth of the population, that is why many Filipinos chose to be employed abroad to provide their families’ needs.

Sackur was able to witness the life in the slums as he went to see the biggest slum in the Philippines and that was Tondo. He stated that majority of the people lived by taking scrap materials and even scrap foods. Sackur was also able to meet street children, deprived youths with the rights that they must enjoy and being exposed to drugs, crime and prostitution at a very young age.

One of the problems of the country is the overpopulation in urban areas, and Sackur was able to identify that the family who can’t avail health services are the ones producing more offsprings. The Church condemns the government for promoting alternative family planning methods that would help these less privileged families to plan for their family.

Sackur was able to pinpoint one of the root causes of poverty and that is overpopulation, which leads to underprivileged children, juvenile crimes and increase of juvenile delinquency and involvement in criminal acts and drug related incidents.

Krizette Chu stated that Sackur was able to see the neglected side of the society, how real they are and how they lived, and Trillanes might not have seen any of these. She also said that in contrary to the bashers of Sackur, Stephen Sackur was not just an ordinary news anchor. Sackur was an excellent field reporter (sample of this was he was able to grasp the vital issues in the country in just a short span of time) before he landed on the news anchor job.

Watch related video below:

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu, BBC

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Here's why BBC's Stephen Sackur knows PH situation more than Trillanes Here's why BBC's Stephen Sackur knows PH situation more than Trillanes Reviewed by Kristian S. on 25 June Rating: 5

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