Fearless UE alumnus calls out CHR: Why are you silent on crimes committed by terrorist in Marawi?
The Commission on Human Rights was very active and poses an eagle eye into any anti-drug operation executed by the government forces, insisting that those killed were product of extra-judicial killings, to the extent that they have to subject Pres. Duterte's administration to trial by publicity and be judged in the international community.

However, Denn Amacio Meneses, called the attention of CHR, now that their services are needed by those who were abused, violated and terrorized by the rebels in Marawi. Their rights are clearly violated, subjecting them into a great terror, while others were heinously killed by the same terrorists.

She also said that it must be a discrimination on the part of the Commission if this body will not execute an investigation to the countless human rights violations in Mindanao.

Seriously, since the Day 1 of Anti Illegal Drugs operation, the Commission was counting every casualty that were, according to them, a victim of human rights violation.

It has been 22 days since the Marawi incident, yet the Commission was silent about it. Make some noise!

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The Commission on Human Rights has been actively, even aggressively, criticizing President Duterte from Day One but is noticeably silent on atrocities being committed by criminal elements and terrorist groups, even going as far as defending their so-called rights while ignoring their crimes and the victims of such crimes.

Let's see. The CHR was created in 1987 as "an independent office mandated to investigate complaints of human rights violations, promote the protection of, respect for and the enhancements of the people's human rights including civil and political rights."

Nowhere is it specifically stated, Mr Gascon, that the Commission is tasked to investigate human rights abuses committed ONLY by the government, i.e. police, military. "Investigate, on its own or on complaint by any party, ALL FORMS of human rights violations involving civil and political rights."

So why being selective, CHR? EVERYONE has the right to life, as contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And if you are taking sides, you yourselves are committing an ABUSE, which is DISCRIMINATION.

Source: Denn Amacio Meneses

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Fearless UE alumnus calls out CHR: Why are you silent on terrorists' crimes in Marawi? Fearless UE alumnus calls out CHR: Why are you silent on terrorists' crimes in Marawi? Reviewed by Kristian S. on 14 June Rating: 5

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