Fearless netizens slam Robredo for being such a 'hypocritical social climber'
Leni Robredo, the Vice President of the Philippines, and the wife of the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, continued to use the brand of his late husband, the “tsinelas image” to bring her closer to the masses.

Robredo also used “laylayan” as her new brand, that she will lift the lives of the people in the “laylayan” of the society. On the first day of counting, she was the underdog of Bongbong Marcos, but then, in an overnight, she gained the vice presidency and became the second highest public official in the country.

However, her strategy to play as the symbol of simplicity was just a guise for the VP was attending frequent meetings and gatherings abroad, with unclear purposes and even collecting hundreds of dollars for the meet and greet.

Robredo earned the rage of the netizens for being such a pretentious, insensitive VP. While her country burns because of the lawless elements who tries to terrorize the country, there she was, attending lavish and grandiose events with a couturier gown with a price that can be compared to a minimum wage earners annual income, trying to gain revenues for whatever fund raising she staged, and allegedly meeting with her cohorts in America.

For all we know she should be very busy and should have an in depth preparation for the proceedings on BBM’s election protest, yet she chose to be in America and spend time meeting and greeting some people who might be beneficial to her.

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

For Sigred Malpas Sta Ana, Robredo was the new Cory who will make fool of Filipinos, while Julius Ramacula pointed out that the “Tsinelas strategy” was an overused and overdue tactic. Juliet Olenoic Rigoab wondered why the mainstream media does not report the scheduled gallivanting of the VP.

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Lei Rafael said that Robredo does this for all the show and script and Anika Lee Pitate said that Robredo tries so hard to copy Imelda Marcos.

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Here are the other comments of the netizens.

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Note: Imagine your house was burning, your children and personal properties trapped inside, would you rather be partying with your amigas than go save your children and recover your properties? Strange right?

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Fearless netizens slam Robredo for being such a 'hypocritical social climber' Fearless netizens slam Robredo for being such a 'hypocritical social climber' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 22 June Rating: 5

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