DLSU alumnus say’s Danding Cojuangco as NPC Chairman is a bad news to 'Yellowtards'
RG San Luis, a DLSU alumnus, shared his point of view regarding Danding Cojuangco’s Chairmanship to the National People’s Coalition, the party that he founded in 1992.

As to San Luis’ observation, Cojuangco and President Duterte have no conflict, and would want the Bongbong Marcos to be the President someday. He also reconciled with Imelda and Juan Ponce Enrile.

He also added that if the three did not resolve the emerging factions, the Yellowtards will have a strong position on next elections. He pointed out that Danding’s alliance with JPE and Imelda will make for the Yellow Party to dominate the next elections.

According to San Luis, Cojuangco wants to help the President in shifting this government into a federal parliamentary form of government. “Federalism is advantageous to him as he can have his own states and run them like his business interests.” Cojuangco is also an advocate of agricultural development and the change of government structure will give way to his agriculture programs and advocacies. San Luis also said that during Danding’s time, he maintained the AFP and Constabulary ‘straight’.

He hopes that Gibo Teodoro will reconcile with Danding, his uncle. Teodoro went to Lakas before to be the party’s presidential bet. San Luis said that Teodoro’s decision was immature and unwise and the Yellowtards were able to overpower the administration’s bet. During GMA’s time, the yellowtards are busy with their demolition tactics to pin down administration’s bet. Teodoro, despite of his good track record and credentials, lost to Aquino.

But then San Luis sensed that Robredo will use the tactic of a trapo to pin down any Marcos or their allies in the next election. “This still has an effect on certain quarters of society as confirmed by the morons who still believe the Yellowtards are the best thing to happen to the country since Cory (Aquino).”

San Luis expressed his support for Imee Marcos-Sara Duterte Tandem on 2022. He did not ignore Bongbong’s skills and experience but as to the experts and to him, “Imee is the natural politician among the children of Apo Lakay (late Ferdinand E. Marcos).”

Source: RG San Luis

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DLSU alumnus says Danding Cojuangco as NPC Chairman is a bad news to 'Yellowtards' DLSU alumnus says Danding Cojuangco as NPC Chairman is a bad news to 'Yellowtards' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 12 June Rating: 5

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