British expat based in PH speaks about Martial Law: “We feel safe, we are safe"
“It’s just business as usual just getting around doings things that we do and nothing has changed.”

Terence Flannery, a British expat now living in the Philippines, showed the light on what is happening in Mindanao.

Flannery stated that having Martial Law declared in Mindanao has not affected the way they lived. “ How is martial law affecting us? Not at all. It has not affected how I drive down to the road, it hasn’t affected how I go to a restaurant, it hasn’t affected how I walk to the streets.”

He describe Mindanao as a huge island, and it was a great concern politically because it has huge resources like natural resources which are partly are yet untapped. There are a lot of rebels, controversy and insurgencies and that is a big problem for the government.

He observed that Muslims wanted to take Mindanao, and be separated. He shared some state in the US who would want to be separate from US, Scotland who wanted to be separated from England. He also said that what happens in the Philippine, the corruption also happens in UK and US.

He said “It happens all around the world. It’s all about money and power and the people who are in power usually because they have a great deal of money and they can buy their way in. He said that anyone can be tempted to committing corrupt practices.

He cleared that what they thought about martial law is not what it is. “It’s an inflammatory situation where you get Martial Law, everybody thinks of troops walking streets with guns, a sound of gun fire. He also stated that his friends who were in Mindanao guaranteed their safety. He said that they have not seen any action nor hearing any gunfire where they lived.

Flannery said in his video, “We feel safe, we are safe. Nobody’s changed and their attitude towards me. They treated exactly the same and almost a way which is special for anybody else would be. I’ve been treated extra nice. That’s all for us about martial law it is not affecting us at all.”

Watch video below:

Source: Hidden Truth PH

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British expat based in PH speaks about Martial Law: “We feel safe, we are safe" British expat based in PH speaks about Martial Law: “We feel safe, we are safe" Reviewed by Kristian S. on 10 June Rating: 5

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