BBC host to Trillanes: 'Your comments are out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion'
Internationally acclaimed Broadcaster BBC’s Stephen Sackur hosted an exclusive interview with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV in his current event program called HardTalk. The conversation centered on President Duterte’s actions on the problems and issues in the Philippines.

Sackur stated that the Finance minister had a clear point of connecting the Maute Group with drug money and their operations were backed up by the organized drug trafficking, but Trillanes said that the Philippine government subjectively implemented the war against drugs. Trillanes also told Sackur that the operatives of anti-illegal drugs did not bother apprehending the alleged drug lords who were allegedly supporting the Maute.

Sackur also asked Trillanes if he supports President Duterte, now that the Philippines is in crisis. Trillanes said, “We support the claim that what’s happening in Marawi is a national crisis in terms of the reach of the Maute Group, they can wreak havoc in the whole country in terms of activities that maybe deadly to the Filipino public.” Trillanes also said that addressing the threat of terrorism, a Martial Law is not the cure because it will affect the life of every Filipino and he said the ML has negative effects on the economy.

“Isn't it the truth Senator Trillanes that the people public elected Duterte to the presidency because they wanted a tough guy, they wanted a guy who could impose order on the Philippines, and if one looks back on the situation when he took over, the PDEA stated last year that 92% of districts in Manila were affected by drugs, the overwhelming drug of choice being crystal meth,” Sackur asked but then Trillanes said that he (Duterte) created his own crisis and Trillanes contradicted PDEA’s statement, saying that 27% of the Barangays of the Philippines are affected by illegal drugs. Trillanes also said that 1.8 % of the population that has used illegal drugs and most of it were users of cannabis sativa or the marijuana. “In fact, our drug problem is not as bad as it seems,” says Trillanes.

“Are you a democrat?” Sackur asked elaborating Trillanes’ commitment to the democracy. Sackur also stated that Pres. Duterte cleared his platform to fight the criminality in the country. Trillanes on the other hand said that there were laws to abide and no laws provides him the privilege to kill people, stressing that Duterte should be accountable to the alleged EJK in the country; again, demonizing the president in the international media.

Sackur also asked Trillanes if Duterte’s war on drugs is working. As expected, Trillanes said it isn’t working because he said that only small time pushers are being killed and condemns inaction of Pres. Duterte against the bigtime drug lords.

The conversation progressed and Sackur made his statement, he said, “It’s not easy for me to judge but looking at the comments made by the general public in Manila to news agency they say things like, the streets are safer now, here in the Philippines we needed a ruler with an iron fist.” Sackur also said that Duterte has a high approval rating with 75% yet Trillanes said that the rating of the president is irrelevant since it was his rating three months ago.

Sackur slams Trillanes stating this: “I’m just wondering whether your comment which are constantly negative are OUT OF TUNE with ordinary Filipino opinion.”

Check out below analysis of Krizette Laureta Chu, a New York University alumnus about the interview of Trillanes:

Mr. Trillanes,

That must have really hurt!

I was watching BBC host's tactful yet sarcastic questions toward you, and you had few "Freudian slip of tongue" about your plans, when you panicked and were caught of guard and your skin color kind of became pale a bit and started to lose your patterns of thoughts and began to stumble and stutter a bit. I also noticed your lips dried up a bit.

Good try though! I am sure many professionals will analyze the messy interview  you had with BBC.

You throw few nasty things there though, and I am sure the analysts will pick up on them, too.

It was nice to see that the BBC host had done his studies about you and about the Philippines. You really did not understand his question about if you considered yourself a democrat, and showed your true face by associating yourself with your political party membership. That was a mistake buddy, and you did not notice the grin and laughter of the host as you dug a big hole for yourself. I am actually having the same grin as I write this commentary. How stupid can you be?! (grin) 😂

Well, let me spell it out for you, the majority of the Filipinos want DU30 to do what he does best, and that is to clean the mess your party has created - fighting the criminality, drugs trades and corruptions and the terrorism that your political party is responsible for. He gonna bring people together and fix all the broken promises your party has made, and will fix the economy and bring peace and order back to the Philippines and the region all together, he gonna keep his promises and the Filipinos will continue to support him even stronger than before now that they have heard your plans.

Your party owns the corporate media and fabricates news. Everyone in the Philippines knows that, they also know of your minions. If I am not mistaking, I think maybe I was one of the people who used that term in my posts for exposing your little stupid puppets on social media and corporate media.

But Now to All the Filipinos:

I have a message for the Filipinos now that I have heard Trillanes calling them "unaware" (or something like that), basically looked down on "majority of the public" for approving of DU30, in which makes me so upset and really want to slap him so hard for insulting the intelligence of the Filipinos, and that to show thw world how unhappy you are about the Yellows like Trillanes by making your voice heard, text the host of BBC and don't worry about your English and tell him how proud you are for having DU30 as leader and how safe you feel because of him. Tell him about all the positive changes you see and is happening. Tell him about all the crimes and corruptions of the Yellows.

Twitter: ‪
@stephensackur ‬

I know that things maybe are not moving as fast as they should, but remwmber that change takes time and it requires a lot of preparation. President Duterte and his teams are doing their best, but the Yellows and their foriegn masters are not making it easy for the Philippines to achieve those changes he is aiming to accomplish. On the other hand, YOU, as united Filipinos, can make that change happen fast by being the force of change, a new and true democracy under his leadership. Follow his instructions and united you all can achieve great things. The Philippines is the fastest growing Economy in Southeast Asia and the future looks so bright, and that scares the hell out of the corrupts and the criminals as well as their oligarch bosses and their foriegn masters.

Write to BBC and to Stephen Sackur and all other international journalists and news organizations about your support of your government. Let them know that the propaganda of the Yellows are all lies to gain power and let them know about the Fabricated news by the corporate news organizations those corrupt business and political oligarchs own. Let them know that you support Duterte's policies and you want him to be the strong leader that he is. Let them know about his simple life and his care for the people and his nonstop hard working for your country. Let them know about the V.P. Robredo's cheating on the elections, the money embezzlements of the Yellows, and how you want the President Duterte put them all in jail for that. Tell them about the facts of life about time before you elected DU30 in the Philippines and how things are better now and how proud you feel as a Filipino.

Let your voice heard, so the world can see the true face of the Yellows like Trillanes, Robredo, Lewis, De Lima and the rest of them. Expose their paid fake journalist, people like Maria Ressa and so on and expose the news corporations that are paid by the Yellows.

Make Sure You COPY and SHARE my message to all, and take your own future into your own hand and fight the Yellows directly, because as Trillanes said in the interview, the social media against them.

Watch full interview below:

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