In a video posted on YouTube, VP Leni Robredo, in her radio show BISErbisyong Leni said that she and her daughter Aika flew to US earlier so that VP can attend the FASO event wherein she was the guest of honor and speaker. Leni proudly said that she fulfilled her duties as a mother to Aika.

Leni also said that in Boston, those things, appliances and home decors etc. can be digged out from the trash bins. It has been a culture in US that if the sellers were unable to sell their things after they moved out from their houses, they leave those unsold goods outside, waiting to be collected by the trash collectors.

"Alam mo, nakakatuwa doon kasi pinupulot lang namin sa basurahan yung mga gamit. Yung mga hindi nabentang gamit ng iba ay iniiwan lang sa basurahan at doon kami namumulot," Leni said.

Leni Robredo and her daughter Aika in Boston | Photo from Leni Robredo Facebook account

Leni seated on the floor as she helped assemble a bed | Photo from Leni Robredo Facebook page
It is a custom or maybe a norm to the Filipino migrants and OFWs to collect unsold pre used items from the streets, because it is economically wiser to have some things being picked rather than being bought.

But hey, Leni Robredo who is not just an ordinary citizen, the second highest ranking official of PH picking up someone else's trash? Is it unbelievable?

Allegedly, VP raised funds during her visit in US, a meet and greet for $300 dollars and who paid all the expenses for her trip to LA? When our president chosed Philippines to be an independent nation rather than being a modern day colony of superpower nations, there goes VP, seemed like begging alms and acting like a broke woman.

Maybe that's what she does, picking up somebody else's.

Take not that she blamed BBM's protest as the cause of her declined net worth.

Of all those fancy dresses and expensive trips, Madam Leni, are you broke?

Fearless netizen RG San Luis reacted to this latest political stunt of Leni. "Put***ina talaga. Namumulot daw ng basura para sa gamit ng anak niya. Gaga!!! Mali na naman ang drama mo!!! Mahina ka talaga sa geography!!! Sa Japan lang ganon!!! Dati yon!!! Kasi yung basura sa Japan, pinadadala na dito!!! Napaka-plastic talaga ang hija de la gran put**ng babaeng eto!!!," San Luis posted on his Facebook account.

Watch video below:

Source/s: BISErbisyong Leni, RG San Luis

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