A beautiful open letter to the FIlipino people written by a lawyer and a former prosecutor
Bruce A. Rivera, a lawyer, and a proud Duterte supporter shared an open letter written by a former prosecutor and lawyer based overseas addressed to the Filipino people.

The letter was sent to Rivera and humbly asked his assistance to disseminate the said letter. The author said that we, the FIlipinos, demanded change and asked Duterte to run for Presidency, our voices was heard with a promise to support the president on his government reforms. The author also stated that President needs us now to support him, protect him from trapos who try to destabilize him and oligarchs who wanted him thrown out of his office.

The author also condemns the media for continously demonizing the image of the President of the  Philippines and told that these media people acting more like hound dogs and werewolves. the author also said, " You ought to be ashamed of even breathing as you have abandoned your responsibility to give an objective news reporting. Yes, you can report bad news but look at your percentage over good news."

Also, the author has a word for USA, EU and the UN, telling them to stop meddling with the nation's affairs; and if they succeeded overthrowing Marcos before, they should have stop doing the same for Duterte.

The author's message to the Yellotards?- "You have raped the nation for so long and you have seriously believed that you can continuously fool and brainwash a nation. Reality will hit all of you hard when you realize that your antics will no longer slave the people." The author also added that the Divine justice will serve them well for what they did in the country.

The author enjoins everyone to support the president because in the first place, we are the ones who demanded change and he is this man who can make change a real thing in our country. The results of all his reforms  may hurt those people and organizations who were the mastermind of all corruptions and wrongdoings, and the said that we must stand beside the President to bring these corrupted individuals, syndicates and drug lords to the law and to live in the better Philippines that we dream.

The content of the letter is as follows:

We Don’t Deserve President Duterte!!!!!

( An Open Letter to the Filipino People and to the World )

Dear Filipinos,

This writer is just an ordinary citizen of the Philippines. One among the more than 100 million people being governed by President Rodrigo Duterte and I know my voice is negligible but I decided to make a stand hoping that the rest of the greater majority of the Filipino who believes in Duterte would provide the wind in his sails amidst the barrage of attacks against him from all fronts.


Are we really that oblivious of the fact that we pleaded for President Duterte to run for office? A song prior to the election even assured him that should his feet be weary and tired from running, that we shall be the wind beneath his wings. This is the opportune moment for us to make good such assurance to the good President. Now more than ever, he needs the resolute voice, protection and support of the vast majority of Filipinos as he engages the very few yet powerful traditional politicians ( trapos ), the business elites who are devoid of patriotic hearts, the ignorant international entities and of course the all too mighty disgraced media. If we as a nation fail to rally behind this once in a lifetime President, then we are deserving of a decayed nation and we lose every right to complain about our plight.


Where do you source your abundant malevolence? How do you replenish your zest for ignorance and want of conscience? Can all of you still look at the mirror and see a reflection of a decent soul?
All of you keep harping on Extra Judicial Killing as if it is like a daily routine , similar to brushing your teeth that thrice a day you have to relegate this into the spot light. You hide under the cloak of being SELF PROCLAIMED WATCH DOGS, but do you really know that nowhere in Journalism Principles in the world does that concept exist nor has it ever been institutionally enshrined? In the words of President Duterte, “ Where the Hell” did you ever get that thought? My answer? Precisely from HELL!

Even assuming for the sake of argument that you are watch dogs as you proclaim to be, then you have the obligation to watch and be balanced and responsible. Such is not the case with you ABS CBN, GMA 7, Rappler and International Media. You are acting more like hound dogs and werewolves. In many occasions you acted worst than vultures.

Where has the dignity and prudence of Journalism gone? You are not Journalists . You can all be beaten by decent University Students in how they think and handle themselves and yet you wallow in the delusion that you are all professionals. Really now? Professionals ? Questions about gums? 

Questions about why the President went to China ? Questions about why the President is threatening criminals ? Questions about why the President is putting his foot down on America? Do you really not comprehend or you just refuse to comprehend? Or you are really devoid of the mental capacity to understand a simple issue? If it is the latter, then you don’t have any business reporting because you are belching and feeding people polluted information.

You focus on trivial matters and matters which you believe can sell your stories You magnify things and demonize the President because it is in accord with the wishes of your Masters and it will sell your convoluted stories.

You ought to be ashamed of even breathing as you have abandoned your responsibility to give an objective news reporting. Yes, you can report bad news but look at your percentage over good news. If you can claim they are balanced, then the more than 95% of Filipinos who support the President, including this writer should be condemned and executed. Your reckless abandon in typing your articles which we call trash have painted our country in bad light all over the world. You can and should claim authorship of that. When this country goes to the drain, I hope you can all sleep well dear media moguls and your paid assassins. Free Speech is not a license and you do not own a franchise of what you think is right for our country.

THE USA, UN , EU and the Rest of the International Watch Dog.

We do not meddle in your affairs and we expect the same courtesy. It is however revolting to realize that you are so sanctimonious in stamping your unsolicited authority over us as if we are really a nation undeserving of respect. You blindly swallow the reports of media as hook line and sinker and marches on the offensive against our President. Has your success in bedeviling Marcos in the past inspired you to try it again? Are we really like a nation of mendicants that you choke for fun? Stop managing our nation and leave us in standing up with dignity no matter how hard and how tedious it would be.

Follow this simple principle: Only those with clean hands can have moral authority to dictate upon others. Question: DO YOU HAVE CLEAN HANDS ? If you answer in the affirmative, then you are indeed one bunch of self righteous idiots!

To the Yellowtards

You have raped the nation for so long and you have seriously believed that you can continuously fool and brainwash a nation. Reality will hit all of you hard when you realize that your antics will no longer slave the people. We had enough of you. You have managed to drive the Philippines to the depths of hell after you orchestrated the downfall of Marcos and now you are at it again with President Duterte. 

Divine justice has a great way of finding you back and lashing at you hard. The people will not allow any of you anymore to do the same tricks your false heroes like Cory and Ninoy did to Marcos. President Duterte is the Philippine President , he is our President and he and not you will define our destiny. So to the Aquinos and your hound dogs ( Trillianes, De Lima, Hontiveros , Drillon , Lagman, Pangilinan and the usurper of the VP position, Robredo ) , we suggest you enjoy your last days in glory because your political stock will go down the drain in front of your very eyes because WE ARE NOW NOT ONLY AN AWAKENED NATION, but we are a DETERMINED PROTECTOR OF CHANGE

To the People of the Philippines

President Duterte has been non-stop. One need not be a doctor to see the exhaustion in his eyes. He has a nation to heal and discipline and yet he is bombarded everyday by these people who care less about the repercussions of their acts. May we shield him and provide him inspiration that is because the seat he reluctantly occupies is a very lonely and thankless one.

We complain as a nation why we have fallen behind other Asian Countries but at the same time we fail to acknowledge that these countries we envy metamorphosed owing to discipline and strong governance. We were ahead of Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in the years of old and now all we see are the smoke from the tailpipe of their progress. Do we still honestly believe that Vietnam is still behind us? If we do, then we are really a one big hallucinating nation because Vietnam had already made strides that overtook us by leaps and bounds. Should Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos catch up on us, then we really are a nation of loud mouths with no future. These people harping on Human rights and freedom have a tailored self serving definition of which and they are the same people who have for years supported the yellow bloods and look where it has brought us ? To the dumps.

If we cannot rally behind the President, if we cannot realize how special this man is to the Philippines and if we fail to acknowledge why the Lord moved his hands to place him in power, then let us be human enough to let President Duterte go back to his private life because it is unfair for him to be assassinated or for him to lose his health just because he wanted a better nation for us. Let us not be selfish. Let the man go and let us all be resigned to the fact that we are a doomed nation and the perpetual doormat of Asia and the world.

However, should we believe in the man and the good Lord above and should we really desire a new Philippines, let our little voices be lumped together and be a force to reckon with.
I want a better Philippines. We only have one chance at this .

I want to be counted in the army of civilians for President Duterte. Do you?

Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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A beautiful open letter to the FIlipino people written by a lawyer and a former prosecutor A beautiful open letter to the FIlipino people written by a lawyer and a former prosecutor Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 June Rating: 5

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