20-M Muslims march against ISIS and the mainstream media completely ignores it
In a news article in a website called Alternative News Network, 20 million Muslims march against the ISIS. These Shia Muslims engaged themselves, without minding the risks of being in war locations to resist the ISIS. This event would have ceased the actions in the West but the mainstream media ignored the event.

“Women, men, elderly, and children made their way to the city of Karbala on Sunday and Monday last week for the holy day of Arbaeen. Arbaeen is the event which marks the end of the 40-day mourning period following Ashura, the religious ritual that commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein in 680 AD.”

According to the "Independent report', large crowds paid respect to the shrines of Imam Hussein and his half brother Abbas in Karbala. They were killed by revolting against Yazeed, an Umayyad ruler in 7th AD. The two refused to pledge allegiance to Yazeed Umayyad caliphate. This congregation was held and pursued the sacred annual pilgrimage in spite of the threat of ISIS.

The march continued and there were 80 casualties because the ISIS attack occurred in the area. With knowledge that a suicide bomber attacked in Karbala, the Shia Muslims continued to march, showing their resistance to the ISIS fighters.

Some of the pilgrims went with their families while some left without their spouses. Umm Ali, whose husband fights against the ISIS, joined the March, with a solemn prayer asking God to support them against the ISIS.

“In spite of this pilgrimage being one of the most massive marches in the world, the West conveniently ignored it. Arbaeen is magnitude larger than the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca-yet Mecca is the only event that ever receives that ever receives headlines in the West. ”

“Unfortunately [some] media outlets have gone for stories that to some extent can be divisive. If a group of Muslims does something good, it’s not mentioned or the religion is not mentioned. But if someone does something [negative], it is on the front page and their religion is mentioned,” said Mohammed Al-Sharifi

The article also stated that there were stories that the mainstream media and only focused on a few who poses danger to the public.

To defeat ISIS, show them and the Islamophobic mainstream media that tolerance and freedom are far more powerful than bigotry and hate. Let us share this news about the march of the 20 million Muslims and urge media outlets to have this broadcasted.

Source: Alternative News Network

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