UST Alumnus to Callamard: 'You are no rapporteur, but a SPECIAL SABOTEUR'
Mark Lopez in his Facebook account commented on the recent appearance of United Nations rapporteur Agnes Callamard in the country, saying that the Philippines has nothing to fear or hide, yet he is insulted by the rapporteur's interference in the country's affairs.

"As it is Dr Callamard, you are not a special rapporteur. Up close and personal, you look more like a saboteur," he said.

He entitled his post as "SPECIAL SABOTEUR".

Lopez, a netizen from Caloocan city said that the visit is in fact beneficial for the country as it would allow the rapporteur to see "what is really happening here".

Callamard is a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and his war against drugs. She was assigned by the United Nations to lead the investigation on  the extrajudicial killings in the country which have gone through several criticisms in the international scale.

Callamard has been invited by the President himself repeteadly to conduct her investigations.

She appeared at a celebration of the Commission on Human Rights last week without informing the Malacanang Palace.

Lopez through a post said that he even encourages Callamard to roam freely and join Tokhang operations as a first hand witness.

He however said that he is disgusted by Callamard's "brazen imposition" of her "unwanted and unsolicited point of view" on the internal affairs of the country.

The netizen said that he found offense in her uninvited visit.

"Yes Dr Callamard, I feel insulted and assaulted that you have the temerity to go here and connive with a bunch of discredited, scheming destabilizers. Your actions are an affront to our sovereignty, and an attack on our aspirations and ideals as Filipinos," he said.

He said he can see through the rapporteur's human rights principles she is trying to invoke, claiming she is using these as covers in order to bring down the president.

Despite this, according to Lopez, Duterte still has overwhelming support from his people.

He said he is calling on the government to denounce Callamard and her cohorts.

"It's one thing to present yourself as a purveyor of our adherence to the universal precept of human rights, it's another to use that mantle of authority to disabuse us with your notion of what we Filipinos can, and cannot do in our own country," he said.

SOURCE: Mark Lopez

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UST Alumnus to Callamard: 'You are no rapporteur, but a SPECIAL SABOTEUR' UST Alumnus to Callamard: 'You are no rapporteur, but a SPECIAL SABOTEUR' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 06 May Rating: 5

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