UK political commentator reveals why Liberals are afraid of Duterte victory against terrorists
Adam Garrie, a UK political commentator and the Managing Editor at 'The Duran', an international commentary and news site, revealed five reasons why the Liberals are frightened of Duterte beating drugs and the terrorists in the country.

"Liberals will never side with Rodrigo Duterte, even if he crushes ISIS in Philippines. Even as he fights ISIS, the western liberal elite and their mainstream media allies have nothing good to say about the Philippine President."

This was how Adam Garrie stated on his news site following the decision of President Duterte to declare Martial Law in the island of Mindano to eradicate the ISIS-linked terrorist group, Maute.

Garrie cited 5 reasons as to what frightens the Liberals about a Duterte victory:

1. ISIS is financed by drugs 

Garrie explained that ISIS are known to profit from the international narcotics trade. Duterte’s first war was the war on drugs, but what many do not realize is that it is related to the wider war on ISIS.

According to Garrie, drugs and drug users are in this sense complicit in aiding terrorism. Liberals who make every excuse in the world for drug use are doing their best to ignore this. If Duterte wins the double-headed war on ISIS and the drugs that fund ISIS, liberals will have a great deal to answer for.

2. It vindicates President Bashar al-Assad’s fight against terrorism 

"The liberal mainstream media continually demonize President Bashar al-Assad who once stood virtually alone fighting ISIS and other ISIS clones," Garrie stated.

Garrie added that by contrast, Duterte is a populist who openly promotes a heavy handed approach to social disorder and law enforcement. If Duterte who in many ways is far more of a hardliner than Assad wins the war on terrorism, it will show liberals that the soft approach to government is insufficient when fighting terrorism.

3. A Duterte victory will demonstrate that Syria is surrounded by enemy states 

"Philippines is a series of islands making supplying ISIS considerably more difficult than supplying terrorists in Syria over land. This is especially true of Turkey from where many supplies including western arms reach the hands of terrorists," he said.

A naval blockade of the areas in Philippines where ISIS is in charge could help to stop the inflow of materials to the terrorists.

"This holds the potential to make a Philippine victory over ISIS easier than that of Syria which has found it difficult to police its borders with unfriendly states," Garrie added.

 4. It shows that yet again Russia and China are on the correct side of history 

The successful meetings between Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin as well as China's leader will  likely prove the Liberals that they are wrong.

"ISIS and their puppet-masters in the Gulf and beyond  wanted to expose Duterte’s relationship with Russia as meaningless," Garrie cited.

5. It unmasks the poor priorities of the liberal mainstream media and political elite 

"They were literally more concerned with Duterte’s domestic policies which they have no right to change, than they were about helping a democratic nation fight ISIS terrorism," Garrie ended.

Source: The Duran

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