The unknown truth about the declaration of martial law and you must watch this!
A Facebook page, Hidden Truth PH, shared a video of  'PSSAP Underground Media' about the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos delivering his speech regarding the declaration of Martial Law.

The post stated that Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in his autobiography wrote: “I was the administrator of Martial Law. The powers of Martial law were delegated to me. Any abuse of martial law was my responsibility.”

The page also cited that Fidel Ramos was the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary, during 60s-70s, he was responsible for directing multiple abuses committed by the PC in the provinces, particularly in Samar and Leyte.

"Ramos was the one tasked in the operation and he commanded the torture not Marcos", the post read.

It was also revealed that Justice Aurora Recina, then Chairman of the Commissioner on Human Rights, issued a clearance that President Marcos had no record of Human rights violation.

President Marcos declared Martial Law: in Name, Democracy In Action, according to the post.

His Proclamation, General Orders, Presidential Decrees and Letters of Instruction mandate observance of due process and respect for human rights.

The page said if President Marcos were a Human Rights Violator, his first and foremost victim should have been Ninoy, his arch political enemy.

"But President Marcos saved his Upsilon Fraternity Brother not once, not twice but thrice," the post read and stated three facts below:

1. Death by Musketry, President Marcos stopped it.
2. Death by Hunger Strike President Marcos stopped it.
3. Death by Heart Attack.

"President Marcos even paid for his heart surgery expenses. Before Ninoy boarded his plane to the U.S., he wrote: “I pray to God that someday when the midst of political controversy disappeared. I shall return to thank you personally.”", the post ended.

Watch the speech of Ferdinand Marcos below:

Source: Hidden Truth PHPSSAP Underground Media

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