Sen. Lacson: 'Mas papaniwalaan ko ang ating gobyerno kesa kay Callamard'
Senator Panfilo Lacson on Sunday claimed that the statement of United Nations Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard that war on drugs "does not work", is "high-handed" and "arbitrary" given that there is an absence of an official investigation.

Lacson in an interview with Radio DZBB sad that an investigation on cases like this is crucial.

“Sa akin, wala pa naman silang investigation; bakit may conclusion na siya ‘di tama ang ginawa ng Republika ng Pilipinas? Parang sa akin naman, medyo high-handed naman ‘yan. Pangalawa, sinasabi niya officially invited daw siya, na-inform daw ang gobyerno natin, e sabi ng MalacaƱang hindi."

Lacson said he would rather believe what the Philippine government is claiming.

“Sino mas papaniwalaan natin? Mas papaniwalaan ko ang ating gobyerno kesa sa taong dumating na lang dito at nagsasalita na may conclusion agad even in the absence of a formal investigation."

Callamard in a forum at the University of the Philippines on Friday said that any war on drugs launched by a country is bound to fail and will only make the problem worse.

“Badly thought out, ill-conceived drug policies can foster a regime of impunity infecting the whole justice sector and reaching into whole societies, invigorating the rule of violence rather than of law; eroding public trust in public institutions; breeding fear and leading people to despair,” Callamard said, citing research by global experts.

The UN official's recent visit to the country caught the Malacanang Palace off guard, as she did not go through official channels.

The rapporteur denied the allegation, saying she was able to inform the government of her visit, and claimed that she did not come for an investigation but to participate in an academic forum.

Lacson further criticized Callamard, calling her statement as something that is "unbecoming" of her.

“’Yan ang sinasabi ko, masyadong arbitrary at unilateral ang kanyang conclusion kasi wala namang nangyayaring official investigation na ginagawa, bakit siya may conclusion agad. Sa akin, unbecoming ‘yan. Ikaw ang UN rapporteur tapos gagawa ka ng conclusion in the absence of any formal investigation, that’s unbecoming,” he said.

SOURCE: Inquirer

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Sen. Lacson: 'Mas papaniwalaan ko ang ating gobyerno kesa kay Callamard' Sen. Lacson: 'Mas papaniwalaan ko ang ating gobyerno kesa kay Callamard' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 08 May Rating: 5

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