San Beda lawyer to Callamard: 'We are not the west, and we do not want to be like you'
Atty Bruce Rivera from San Beda Alabang College of Law hit United Nations Special rapportuer on summary executions Agnes Callamard, claiming that her criticisms towards the methods of President Rodrigo Duterte to eradicate the drug problem in the Philippines are uncalled for and inappropriate as the country is different in nature to western countries where she came from.

This statement was a reaction to the UN official's unannounced visit to the country last week, one which the Malacanang Palace has expressed dismay for.

Callamard is a vocal critic of the country's war on drugs, especially on the aspect of extrajudicial killings which she has long expressed an intention to investigate on.

Many have found the visit to be suspicious, but CHR chairperson Chito Gascon claimed that the visit was merely for academic purposes.

Rivera however, greatly opposed the incident.

"I mean this with no disrespect but your kind of meddling is the reason why terrorists are born. You come from a Western perspective and insist on the western concept of morality, values and freedoms. And if we do not follow you, you tell us it is wrong," Rivera said.

"We are NOT the WEST. And we no longer want to be like you. We are Asians and we have our own way of getting things done. We have rights but we also believe in discipline. Our morality does not always involve organized religion," he added.

He contested Callamard's belief that the country is in a worsening state, saying that the concept of public welfare for the Filipinos is about giving the majority what it needs.

Rivera spoke of the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee  was the first prime minister of Singapore, who was known for his transformation of the then poor country into one that is doing well economically.

He however, was criticized for alleged human rights violations, he detained some of his critics without trial, restricted the media, arrested a number of journalists.

"Decades ago, many people criticized Lee Kwan Yew in the same manner Duterte is being lectured by you now. But Yew insisted on the Asian way. And it also worked," he said.

Despite international criticisms, Singapore became an economic giant.

"They are many ways to skin a cat but there is only one way to create a terrorist. And the west has been successful at that. Ergo,you do not know shit of our problems so stop telling us what to do," the lawyer concluded.

SOURCE: Bruce Rivera

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San Beda lawyer to Callamard: 'We are not the west, and we do not want to be like you' San Beda lawyer to Callamard: 'We are not the west, and we do not want to be like you' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 07 May Rating: 5

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